Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Brad's Erotic Week - Day 2 Emily

Part 5 – Emily (Thursday)

Updated to Episode 6

I have made the decision to stop updating this walkthrough (at least on this blog). There are two reasons for this, one practical, one personal.

The practical reason is that BEW has grown too complex for this format. Because of the number of ways in which the plot can branch there's a lot of jumping around the page, which makes it easy for the user to go off course. There are also a lot of places where it's easy to miss a point without it becoming apparent until much later. Given that the game is only 10% complete at this point, those problems are only going to get worse.

The personal reason is that I no longer have enough time. Writing a walkthrough for a new episode of BEW takes a lot longer than it does for an HTML dating game of similar size because of how much more complicated BEW is, not to mention that I often have to re-write what I've already written in order to accommodate new content. As a result, I doubt that I'll be able to do episode 7 in a timely fashion, let alone the 53 episodes that are scheduled to come after it.

However, I don’t want this walkthrough to die, so I’ve transferred it to a wiki (http://bradseroticweek.wikia.com) so that other people will be able to continue it if I don't. I've also taken the opportunity to change the structure of the walkthrough in an attempt to make it easier to follow. 
1. For more information on how this walkthrough is set out, see the Overview.

2. Starting from Episode 6, I will no longer be trying to comprehensively cover achievements. That means that paths that exist solely to trigger achievements may be deleted to improve the overall readability of the walkthrough.

3. At this point I’m not sure if Brad’s dinner date with Emily needs a page to itself or not, so it may end up being folded into another part.

Emily is the only other character in this scene at present.

This scene is affected in small ways by several decisions made earlier in the game:

Did Brad watch Emily urinate at the office? If he did, Emily won’t go to the bathroom at her apartment.

Was Brad a gentleman on Wednesday? If Brad behaved himself during Day 1 (ie he didn’t try to look up Emily’s skirt or make a move on her), additional content is available in this scene.

Apartment Pickup (complete the scene in Emily’s apartment) {donD2A}
Cyber Snoop (read Emily’s email while she’s in the bathroom) {d2Asnp}
More Pervy (followed Emily into the bathroom without her getting angry) {d2Abrm}
Apartment Acts (2 parts) {d2AA}
Apartment Ends (4 endings) {d2AE}
Old School Pickup: {d2A}
1. complete Apartment Acts achievement
2. complete Apartment Ends achievement
3. complete Cyber Snoop achievement
4. complete More Pervy achievement

Emily’s Apartment (Thursday)

Knock on the door.
Go inside.
Whoa! That's a huge TV! Nice! (Emily -1)
Well, I'll he could watch some nice football games on that.
Really? No football?
Sounds like you don't like his friend much?
See, there's a bright side here. You don't have to anymore! (Emily +2)
And as an added bonus... Dinner! (Emily +1)

[Are you on Emily's corruption path?]

Okay. [go to Emily Dressed]

Wait for Emily to finish. [go to Emily Dressed; alternatively, you could check Emily's Email or Follow Her]

Emily's Email
Find out what is bothering Emily. [Achievement: Cyber Snoop]
Wait for Emily to finish. [go to Emily Dressed]

Follow Her
Follow her into the bathroom.
Hey, that's hot! (requires Emily 54) [NB. additionally, Faith must have joined Brad and Emily the night before]

[Did you pass or fail the preceding test? If you failed, Brad's relationship with Emily is over.]

Okay, sorry. [Achievement: More Pervy] [NB. the link from this page appears to be incorrect]
Passable enough for a kiss? (requires Emily 36) (+1)
Finish kissing and go to the restaurant (Apartment Acts 1) [Achievement: Apartment Pickup] {to be continued}

Okay, sorry.
Look, I'm sorry. I know I screwed up. Let's just go out and have a nice dinner.
Okay, I understand. (Apartment Ends 1) [Achievement: Apartment Pickup]
Okay. {to be continued}

Emily Dressed
Business or pleasure?
Of course it is. You always look fantastic. (Emily +1) [NB. saying “I was just teasing” and then kissing Emily is required for Apartment Ends 2]
Hug her. [NB. an achievement is set here, but I can't tell what it relates to]

[If Brad has been a gentleman up to this point, go to Emily’s Gentleman]

Kiss her forehead. (Emily +1)
No apologies, no worries. Let's just go out and forget all this for the night. (Emily +1)
Sure you will. We'll go out, get you thinking of other things and you can have a break from dwelling on it.
Go to the restaurant (Apartment Ends 4) [Achievement: Apartment Pickup] {to be continued}

Emily’s Gentleman
You're in mourning.
Hold her tight.
Keep holding her and listen.
Keep holding her tight (+1)
Yeah, but I wanted to do more.
So, you think I can be trusted huh? (Emily +1)
I wanted to bend you over the table, lift your dress and drive this deep inside you. (Emily +2) [NB. Brad saying he wanted to kiss Emily is required for Apartment Ends 3, triggered when they go to the restaurant]
We'd better quit before I stop being gentlemanly.
Go to the restaurant (Apartment Acts 2) [Achievement: Apartment Pickup] {to be continued}


  1. How do you get to Emily's Gentleman path? I can't ask her out on a date at the office since the most points I've been able to get is 32.

    1. I believe you have to have finished the bar scene early, but I must confess that I haven't confirmed it.

      I'll try that now.

    2. Looking at the functions in question, it looks like you can succeed with a lower points total *if* Brad has been a gentleman up to that point.

      Unfortunately, I don't know what the game considers 'being a gentleman'. I'd assumed that it involved not making a move on Emily at the bar, but I've just tested that and it didn't work.

      I've queried this with Wolfschadowe, but it might be a bug.

    3. Addendum: I think I've worked it out, but if so the requirements are pretty ludicrous.

      Basically, as well as not taking advantage of Emily at the bar, you have to avoid looking up her skirt on day 1 at both the bar and the office, as well as not being obvious about checking out her breasts.

      I'll have to update the Part 0 walkthrough accordingly.

    4. The Day 1 Office and Day 1 Bar walkthroughs have been updated with details of how Brad can be a gentleman.

    5. Also, I've confirmed that it works, which is pretty important.

    6. I can confirm that that path works. Thanks for the help.

  2. For those wondering, to get on the path to pass the bathroom check, there was only one way I managed to do it.

    I had to follow Serenthia outside, invite Faith to join, fail the BJ check and not go into the bathroom at the end. It's possible to have the same result with the full threesome but then you're locked into a date at either the Strip Club or the Bar with Faith+Emily and she'll refuse proposals for a Dinner Date.

    Maybe there are alternate ways to do it though. Also, as a sidenote, I believe it requires 60, not 54.

    1. "Maybe there are alternate ways to do it though. Also, as a sidenote, I believe it requires 60, not 54."

      I've tested in in debug mode and it does require 54.

      I do need to work out more accurately what the conditions are though

    2. A (slightly) more detailed version of my other post. If you get Faith and Emily to accommodate Brad at the bar and continue choosing the highest scoring options until you finger Emily until she wants more, go down on her to orgasm instead of having sex with her.

      Then go back to getting all the "right" options (I'll warm her up for you etc) and agree to the prearranged date, but when Emily wants to savor the anticipation, tell her you need her now and then agree not to push it. She will suggest toning down to dinner and a movie.

      Once you get to her apartment any of the conversation options still lead to her being okay with Brad walking in the bathroom

    3. To clarify, the only things the game actually tests for at this point is if you have enough points (54) with Emily, and if Faith joined Brad and Emily in the booth.

      In practice though, there are more restrictions since you have to be able to get to that point.

      For example, you can't be on Emily's corruption path, because then she won't go to the bathroom. Likewise, Brad and Emily have to decide to go out to dinner. If they made more 'exciting' plans the night before, Brad may have to be pushy (as you've mentioned) on Day 2 to convince Emily that's not a good idea.

  3. I was getting the last few achievements I was missing when I found you can get the More Pervy achievement with higher global stats and a much higher stat for Emily (79) if you get the Dedicated Worker 6 end to the Thursday Office scene.

    I don't know what effects it will have down the line, but for now it means you can be accommodated by both ladies and still set up the solo date with Emily

  4. Hi Deus,

    just a quick question: will you also post a walkthrough-update for the Azumi-Part of Episode 6?

    1. If you're talking about the meeting Brad can have with her at the college campus, I appended that to Part 4 (since it can only happen if Brad went to the strip club).

      Once it's complete, I may move it to a part of its own, but at the moment I don't think it's complicated enough to warrant it.

    2. Thanks, yes, that was what I was looking for. I expected to see it as a separate entry as this one, so thanks for the pointer!

  5. any idea when the next update will be?i have fallowed ( almost ) all to their endings and have them saved

    1. I am not directly involved in the development of BEW. You should probably check the official forums.

  6. Will you be providing a walkthrough for Episode 7, just released? If you are in the middle of working on it, sorry for seeming to be impatient. Well... maybe I am, a little. :)

    1. Sorry, but I made the decision a while ago to stop updating this walkthrough. You can find my full reasons on the Part 0 page, but the short version is that it's become too big and unwieldly, and I don't have the necessary motivation to commit to another 53 episodes.

      However, I have transferred the walkthrough to http://bradseroticweek.wikia.com in the hope that others will be able to continue updating it.