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Brad's Erotic Week - Day 2 Office (Strip Club)

Part 4 – The Office (Thursday – Strip Club Path)

Updated to Episode 6

I have made the decision to stop updating this walkthrough (at least on this blog). There are two reasons for this, one practical, one personal.

The practical reason is that BEW has grown too complex for this format. Because of the number of ways in which the plot can branch there's a lot of jumping around the page, which makes it easy for the user to go off course. There are also a lot of places where it's easy to miss a point without it becoming apparent until much later. Given that the game is only 10% complete at this point, those problems are only going to get worse.

The personal reason is that I no longer have enough time. Writing a walkthrough for a new episode of BEW takes a lot longer than it does for an HTML dating game of similar size because of how much more complicated BEW is, not to mention that I often have to re-write what I've already written in order to accommodate new content. As a result, I doubt that I'll be able to do episode 7 in a timely fashion, let alone the 53 episodes that are scheduled to come after it.

However, I don’t want this walkthrough to die, so I’ve transferred it to a wiki (http://bradseroticweek.wikia.com) so that other people will be able to continue it if I don't. I've also taken the opportunity to change the structure of the walkthrough in an attempt to make it easier to follow. 
1. For more information on how this walkthrough is set out, see the Overview.

2. Starting from Episode 6, I will no longer be trying to comprehensively cover achievements. That means that paths that exist solely to trigger achievements may be deleted to improve the overall readability of the walkthrough.

3. To make this walkthrough easier to follow, I've split the Thursday office scene into two separate parts. This part covers what happens if Brad went to the strip club on Wednesday. The other part (Part 3) covers what happens if he went to the bar. This means that there will be some duplication of material between the two parts.

The Thursday office scene introduces Jasmine, who is an intern at Brad and Emily's company and will be added as a romance option. Emily plays a major role in this scene and Serenthia makes another appearance. If Brad is on Natalie’s corruption path, he can set up a meeting with Azumi. Natalie herself will call Brad after work if he was thrown out of the strip club.

This scene is affected by three decisions made during the strip club scene on day 1:

Did Brad go to the couch when he arrived at the strip club? If he did, he will have met Azumi and be able to recognise the similarity between her and Serenthia.

Did Brad conspire with Azumi to get Natalie into a threesome? If he did, he can call Azumi after work and meet with her at a local college. This scene is incomplete as of Episode 6, so it remains to be seen what effects it will have on the story.

Did Brad and Natalie get caught by Ben? If they did, Natalie will try calling Brad after work to apologise.

At present there are two decisions to make in this scene:

Does Brad comment on the similarity between Serenthia and Azumi? This can only happen if Brad went to the couch (as above). If Brad mentions that he's "felt this trick before", Serenthia will become angry but Brad will find it much easier to spot her later.

Does Brad ask Emily out? Assuming that you have enough points with her, Brad can ask Emily out on a date at the end of the day. It remains to be seen if there's any benefit to doing this compared to going to the bar on Day 1, and Brad may have already arranged a date with Natalie.

There are no elite tests (which require a perfect score up to that point) in this scene at present.

Called Out (Brad called out Azumi’s manipulation) {d2Uco}
Coffee Stop (play through the coffee scene at least once) {donD2M}
Deja Brew (Brad told Serenthia he'd felt her trick before) {d2MF}
Hard Day At The Office (played through the office scene at least once) {donD2O}
Working The Pole (Emily gave Brad a lap dance) {d2Old}
Still Not Friday Yet*: {donD2}
1. complete Coffee Stop achievement
2. complete Hard Day At The Office achievement
Coffee Grind (2 parts) {d2MA}
1. Brad looked before crossing the street
2. Brad didn't look before crossing the street
Working Boy: (26 parts*) {d2OA}
2. Brad and Emily orgasmed from Emily's story
13. Brad let Emily cry at her desk
14. Emily didn't go looking for Brad
15. Only Emily orgasmed at the desk
17. Only Brad orgasmed at the desk
23. Brad pushed too hard at Emily's desk
Extra Credit (3 parts) {d2UA}
Coffee Sampler (2 endings) {d2ME}
1. Brad said something to the mystery girl
2. Brad didn't say anything to the mystery girl
Dedicated Worker: (9 endings*) {d2OE}
1. Brad and Emily hugged after work
2. Brad went straight home without making a date with Emily
3. Brad and Emily kissed after work
5. Emily turned down Brad's offer of a date
8. Brad tried to move too fast with Emily
School's Out (4 endings) {d2UE}
Greatest Joe*: {d2M}
1. complete Coffee Grind achievement
2. complete Coffee Sampler achievement
3. complete Deja Brew achievement
Star Pupil: {d2U}
1. complete Extra Credit achievement
2. complete School’s Out achievement
3. complete Called Out achievement
Selfless* (Selfless: Emily)

Achievements marked with an asterisk* cannot be completed in this scene alone.

Note that in the walkthrough below, achievements are noted in all the places that they can be triggered, which means that some appear more than once.

Office (Thursday)

Wait for her to get to the photo lab
Cross once the car goes by
Check to make sure it's clear. (Coffee Grind 1) [NB. crossing without looking is required for Coffee Grind 2]
Cross behind the oncoming delivery truck (+1)
Cross the street
Follow her to the coffee shop
Follow her inside
Wait your turn
Yes please.
Hi, I think I saw you last night. (Serenthia +1) [NB. not saying something is required for Coffee Sampler 2]

[Did Brad go directly to the couch at the strip club?]

I can't believe that I finally said something and she's ignoring me

Weird, maybe there's something else going on here [NB. commenting on Serenthia’s similarity to Azumi will cause her to react is require for an achievement and triggers an additional scene later; go to Serenthia Angry.]

Have a nice day! (Serenthia +1)
Grab your coffee and go to work. [Achievement: Coffee Stop] (Coffee Sampler 1; this is where Coffee Sampler 2 will be triggered if Brad didn't say anything earlier)
It's been almost nine months, I should give her a key
I finally said something.
She ignored me. [go to Jasmine]

Serenthia Angry
I've felt this trick before. (Serenthia -3) [Achievement: Deja Brew]
Nervously grab your coffee and go to work. [Achievement: Coffee Stop] (Coffee Sampler 1)
It's been almost nine months, I should give her a key.
I finally said something
I don't think she liked what I said. [go to Jasmine]

How was the meeting with your professor?
Whoa, ballsy on his part, especially for just a B.
What are you going to do? (Jasmine +1)
You're not the type to actually blow him, what's up? (Jasmine +2)
What about the other victims? (+1)
Why not just report him?
Clever girl, I trust your judgment on how to handle it.
Good. Were you able to see anything new?
Look at her breasts (Jasmine +1)
You couldn't see it?
You spent too much time watching him.
His actions alone aren't telling.
Look here, where one of the robbers is about to shoot the guard and suddenly stops.
Look down her shirt. (Jasmine +2)
Now, if we back it up a few seconds, where is he looking?
Right, now watch as I play the next few seconds.
You're at a bad angle for this monitor.
Look at her ass as you press play. (Jasmine +1)
See it? [NB. there is also a placeholder for the start of Jasmine's romance here]
You can't just focus on one person, it's like an ecosystem where everything interacts.
Sure you can. It just takes practice.
Really? What are you learning?
Intrigues? Yeah, that sounds much better than stalking, but why do you think she intrigues me?
That's an exaggeration.
What's that?
What do you mean?
Emily? Really? [NB. there is also a placeholder for the start of Jasmine's romance here]
That's great! Did she give any details?
Wow, that will be high priority then.
That's odd, for a job like this.
The one that links computer and laptop webcams into the security system?
So you'll be able to see and hear everything her laptop webcam sees?
Cool, just like a security camera.
Only if you show it to me too! (Jasmine +1)
That's early for her.
No idea.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Stare at her ass as she walks away. (Jasmine +1)
She was a stereotypical nerd, meek and prim when she started
Smile at the thought and get to work
Hey, you started early. Is everything okay? (Emily +1)
Yeah, Jasmine mentioned that.
If the footage was destroyed, what are we reviewing?
Okay, we also want a few days before to see if anyone is casing the place.
She mentioned that, but came in anyway.
She's going to push it to your laptop today to see if you notice it. (Emily +1)
Yeah, me too. She's been a great help.
You seem distracted, are you sure everything's okay? (Emily +1)
Okay, just remember I'm here if you want to talk. (Emily +1)
Get back to work
Head towards the bathroom
What's that?

[If Brad made Serenthia angry earlier, go to Serenthia Spotted]

I must be going nuts. (Serenthia +1)
Finish up and go
Go inside [go to Emily Emotional]

Serenthia Spotted
Go down the hall for a closer look. (Serenthia +1)
Go back towards the bathroom
Go into the bathroom
Finish up and go
See her out of the corner of your eye. (Serenthia +1)
Hey, let's have lunch and work out whatever is going on. (Serenthia +2)
Go back to your office
Hey, we have a review contract with this building right?
I don't know. Something weird.
That's the girl from the coffee shop. I knew I saw her!
This is going to sound crazy, but she wasn't there!
No tricks here. It was weird.
No, I thought I was just obsessing or something at that point, so I continued on to the bathroom.

[Do you want to favour Emily, Jasmine, or both?]

Tell Emily that she's hotter. (Emily +2) (Jasmine -1)

Tell Jasmine that she's hotter. (Jasmine +2) (Emily -1)

Not as hot as my sexy co-workers. (Emily +1) (Jasmine +1)

I saw her out of the corner of my eye as I entered the hall, but when I turned to look she was gone.
I was sure that my brain was playing tricks on me here, then I saw her out of the corner of my eye again.
I wasn't sure if I was speaking to an empty hallway here, but I asked her out to lunch.
I felt like an idiot for talking to myself there, but I knew she was there.
What happened?
Watch her work
How is it gone? What happened?
You think she's involved?
Those are good points. You may be right. (Emily +1)
You're right, she's at least a person of interest. (Emily +1)
Back to work
Get some water from the cooler in the hall
Have a drink.
Go inside [go to Emily Emotional]

Emily Emotional
Ask if she's okay. [NB. letting her cry it out is required for Working Boy 13]
Try to comfort Emily. (Emily +1)
Kneel down beside her
Everything's going to be okay.
Let her pull you closer
Gently kiss her head while you wait it out. (Emily +1)
Try to ignore it as you feel yourself begin to harden
Don't worry about it, you're only human.
Oh, Emily. I'm so sorry.
What do you mean?
Uh huh.
Why so big an argument?
Whoa, harsh. Do you have a place to stay?

[Did Brad flirt with Emily on day 1?]

At least you had somewhere to go. (Working Boy 14)
You could have called me.
It wouldn't have been an inter... [go to Uh Oh]

At least you had somewhere to go. (+1)
Really? Why?
The bartender I like? You mean Faith? [NB. go to Lap Dance for additional achievements if Brad and Natalie didn't have breakfast together]
Really? Why do you think so?
Why would that cheer her up?
Oh yeah, sorry about that.
It sounds like you two got along well.
What did you talk about so much?
What do you mean by watching people?
So you two really watched some couple making out?
What happened next?
Try me. (Emily +2)
Uh, oh. (requires Emily 21.6) (+1)
Were you really that turned on? (Emily +2)
Then what happened?
That's hot!
I can tell.
Grab her hips, holding her close and ask her to finish the story. (requires Emily 26.1) (+1) [Achievement: Working The Pole] [NB. if you don't want to go any further with Emily, nod at the laptop instead; go to Uh Oh]
I'm enjoying you as much as the story.
You were both getting off with each other. (Emily +1)
Why not?
You are undoubtedly sexy. (Emily +2)
And what?
Yeah, that's hot. Did you? (Emily +2)
And she's sexy as hell. (requires Emily 33) (+1)

[Do you want Brad to orgasm? If he doesn't, Emily will be willing to return to the bar this evening.]

I can't imagine you masturbating in public.
Hold her tight (Selfless: Emily)
Thrust yourself against her a few times as she finishes coming (Working Boy 15)
Don't apologize. I really don't mind at all.
It's worse than you think. Look. [go to Uh Oh]

Grab her ass pulling her harder against you.
Imagine Emily and Faith masturbating together in the bar
Finish cumming
Hold her tight as you both recover.
I don't mind one bit.
Oh, trust me. I'm very happy to help with that. (Working Boy 2)
Not quite as lucky as you think. [go to Uh Oh]

Lap Dance
Oh, I went to the strip club instead.
You mean Natalie. She's my favorite girl there.
Not as good as the one I'm getting now.
Let her go. (requires Emily 22.5) (+1)
It's been a long time since I held a beautiful woman. The crying's just a bonus. (Emily +2)
Keep that up and you'll get a bonus of your own.
Answer with a kiss. (requires Emily 25.2) (+1) (Emily +2) [NB. failing this is required for Working Boy 23; grab her ass and then play to Brad pointing out the webcam]
Grab her ass. (Emily +2)
Finish kissing
Try to pull away (Working Boy 17)
Um, I just...uh...I don't want to get you wet. (Emily +2)
It helped that it was you, but sorry, that was inappropriate. (Emily +1)
Uh oh... [go to Uh Oh]

Uh Oh
The webcam light is on, Jasmine is watching.
I don't know, but we should get back to work.
Go back to your desk

[Did Brad flirt with Emily on day 1?]

A good show huh?
Okay, see you tomorrow.

Keep listening
Uh... I will. See you tomorrow.

What's that?
Quit beating around the bush and just ask.
If I do, can I kick his ass for dumping you? (Emily +1)

[If you want Brad to go out with Emily this evening, go to Date Emily; otherwise continue. Asking Emily out is a bad idea if Brad has already made a date with Natalie (as you’ll have to stand up one of them), or if he was thrown out of the strip club (as Natalie will try to call him this evening).]

Sounds good. See you tomorrow. (Dedicated Worker 2) [go to Home]

Date Emily
[There are three possibilities here: Brad was a gentleman at the office yesterday, Emily orgasmed at her desk today, or neither.]

How about today? Do you want to do something after work? (requires Emily 16.2) (+1)
Hmm... How adventurous are you feeling?
Maybe we should take it down a notch and go to dinner and a movie instead?
Great! Shall I pick you up? [go to Movie Pick Up]

(Emily orgasmed)
How about today? Do you want to do something after work? (requires Emily 31.5) (+1) [NB. failing this test will result in not date, but is required for Dedicated Worker 5]
You're having the bad week. Why don't you choose?
Sounds good. Shall I pick you up? [go to Pick Up]

How about today? Do you want to do something after work? (requires Emily 31.5) (+1) [NB. failing this test will result in not date, but is required for Dedicated Worker 5]
Hmm... How adventurous are you feeling?
Maybe we should take it down a notch and go to dinner and a movie instead?
Great! Shall I pick you up? [go to Movie Pick Up]

Movie Pick Up
[There will be a brief discussion about Emily's apartment here]
Give Emily a goodbye hug. (+1)
Pull her close. (requires Emily 40) (Emily +2) [NB. kissing Emily or finishing the hug are required for Dedicated Worker 8 and Dedicated Worker 1 respectively)]
Kiss her. (requires Emily 45) (Emily +2) (Dedicated Worker 3)
Finish kissing
See you later Emily. [go Home]

Pick Up
Give Emily a goodbye hug. (+1)
Pull her close. (requires Emily 40) (Emily +2)
Kiss her. (requires Emily 45) (Emily +2)
Finish kissing
See you later Emily. [go Home]

[If Brad has a date tonight, go to Getting Ready. If Brad got thrown out of the strip club last night, go to Natalie Calls. Otherwise, continue.]

Change clothes. {to be continued in a future episode}

Getting Ready
Get ready for your date.

[If you are you on Natalie's corruption path and want to continue, go to Call Azumi]

Kill some time.

[Who is your date with?]

(Emily at the movies)
Go pick up Emily for your date. [go to Part 5]

{all other options are to be continued in future episodes}

Natalie Calls
Change clothes.
Answer the phone
No, that's fine. How are you?
Don't worry about it. It wasn't your fault. (Natalie +1)
I'm happy you got carried away with me.
What did you have in mind?
Isn't that the place all the college kids go to?

[Do you want to go to the Sliver, or the strip club?]

I think it sounds like a great idea. I'll meet you there in half an hour?
Go meet Natalie {to be continued in a future episode}

(strip club)
Yeah, I think I'm a little too old for that place.
I'm banned, remember?
Why? I hope she didn't do anything, uh…
Okay. I'll see you there! {to be continued in a future episode}

Call Azumi
[NB. Save your game here! The following appears to be the ‘best’ path through this scene (ie. Brad remains on Natalie’s corruption path). However, it is currently impossible to test the actual effects and there are several placeholders for additional paths, so this section may require significant revision in the future.]

Call Azumi
Hi Azumi. This is Brad from last night.
I wasn't sure I'd call either.
You know about our date?

[Do you play hard to get? It's not clear what the effect of this is, but it is recorded by the game.]

I don't think that's a good idea.
Everything seems to be going okay so far, I don't want to risk screwing it up.
Help me? How?
Okay, I'll meet with you.
Sounds good. See you there in a few minutes.

Sure, I have a little time.
Sounds good. See you there in a few minutes.

Hi Azumi.
So… uh… what's with the hentai schoolgirl vibe?
How does that pay your bills?
I don't know if that's manipulative or just good marketing. (Azumi +1)
So, is that what you're doing now? Leading me on so that you can fleece me later?
See, that's what I don't get.
It seemed like a good idea last night, but I'm not sure about you either. [NB. The other option is required for an Extra Credit 3]
Well, first of all, I doubt that hair is real.
I doubt your intentions. (Extra Credit 2)
I'm a tool huh? [Achievement: Called Out]
And you think I can help you get her back?
Okay, so why me?
Look, I can tell that there's more to this than that.
Or what? You'll have to kill me?
Okay, I promise not to tell anyone.
I... don't understand.
And most of them put tips in your garter.
I'm missing something.
Don't worry about it. Tell me when you're ready.
Um... thank you?
Wait.  Seriously?  You're psychic?
How does it work?
Last night you made it stop suddenly when I mentioned Natalie, didn't you?
So I'm immune?
Let's find out. Make me want a tuna fish sandwich.
No thanks. I don't like tuna fish.
Hmm...Okay, so these others don't even know that they've been pushed?
Because I didn't buy you a drink and don't like tuna fish…
You do?
Azumi, I've been in a dry spell for a long time.
Ah, friend.  I most certainly do have the power to make women put me in the friend zone.
Can we... get back to the matter at hand?
I'm not so sure about that.
You know how most guys assume girls in a strip club are easy?
You're doing the exact same thing.
You're assuming that all guys who go to the strip club are shallow, love 'em and leave 'em types.
No more than you and Natalie are sluts.
Or, maybe you plan to wait a bit and then manipulate the situation to get rid of me. [NB. the other option will result in you leaving Natalie's corruption path, but may have additional content in future episodes]
I wish.
I see a woman who's so used to getting what she wants that she can't fathom failing.
And I'm pretty sure that, faced with failure, you've doubled down on the only thing you know--manipulation.
In other words, I can't trust you.
What about Natalie's dream?  What are you offering her?
You just want Natalie to be happy?
And what if she's happier without you?
The right thing to do would be to walk away and leave her alone.
Azumi, I need you to be honest with me, and yourself, or this will never work.
Is this about possession and control, or do you truly love Natalie?
Don't sell yourself short.  You're damn sexy too.
Yes, I do.
Hey, it's like you said.  I'm getting something out of this too.
How will Natalie feel about it?
Maybe I care where my cock is. [NB. kissing Azumi is required for Extra Credit 1 and may have additional content added in future episodes, but will likely damage Brad's chances with Natalie]
Pull her hand away.
Natalie might not care where my cock is, but I do.
And that's where I come in.
What if she decides only to trust you when I'm around? (requires Azumi 19.8)
I feel the same, Azumi. I hope your plan works.
Makes sense.
That's it?
Cute, huh?
You did.  I assume you'll be doing more than just being present as your normal sexy self.
How does this improve my chances with her?
Okay, I'm in. [NB. pick the other option to leave Natalie's corruption path]
Um, you're welcome.

Head to the club. {to be continued in a future episode}


  1. Note that this is not a new walkthrough. Thursday at the Office is different depending on whether or not Brad went to the bar or the strip club, so I've split the walkthrough for it into two parts to make it more comprehensible.

  2. do you happen to have a guide for more of the vdategirl games like tara and tara 2 ?

    1. I don't do walkthroughs of the Offsite games because I'm not a member (and given Chaotic's refusal to properly test his games I don't think it's worth the money).

    2. ok thanks for the reply

    3. Sorry I can't be more help.

      I do walkthroughs for the free games, but I don't think there's been a new one of those in a while.

    4. totally agree chaotics games are not worth paying for.

  3. Is it really possible to follow the "Comfort Emily" path in the part released? No matter what I do at Strip Club on day1, game ends when returning from bathroom, I can't go inside office again. Only "Serenthia Spotted" seems to be already available (unless I'm missing something, of course).

  4. Hey, can you upload a walkthrough for days 3 & 4?

  5. With the presumably imminent release of episode 5 (I actually know when it is this time) I've decided to get around to doing all the updates I've been putting off.

    I've also made some changes to how the walkthroughs are laid out. Let me know if they're helpful or not.

  6. The walkthrough has been updated to episode 5.

    NB. If you are on Natalie's corruption path, do not complete the phone call with Azumi when Brad gets home! There is a bug that will potentially stop you from being able to save the game.

    1. This bug has been patched, unless you downloaded from the BEW Vault (like I did), in which case you'll have to download the patch as well.

  7. I completed day 1 on Natalie elite path. Took her out to dinner too. Once I reached your "Lap Dance" part I got slightly different answers and all options eventually lead to Emily ending the scene prematurely.

    1. Could you provide me with more information?

      For example, what was your score with Emily? Exactly where did the walkthrough stop working for you?

    2. Sorry, I see where the problem is. Fixing now.

    3. The Lap Dance path only happens if Brad and Natalie didn't have breakfast together. Unfortunately, because I worked backwards from where the achievement was triggered, I didn't notice that.

  8. I am definitely flirting with Emily on Day 1, but I cannot get the dialogue choices for that when I tell her "At least you had someplace to go." I am heading home from the office on Day 1 with Emily at 10 points and going to the Strip Club (where I follow the Natalie Private Dance path and go through Breakfast 2). I am starting Day 2 with Emily at like 25, I think. Am I missing something?

    1. The way it should work (if I'm reading it correctly is as follows):

      "At least you had somewhere to go." (has three possible destinations; you should be going to thofficecs069 which is for Emily going to the bar and Brad going to the strip club)
      Really? Why? (has two possible destinations; you should be going to thofficecs070a because Brad and Natalie had breakfast together)
      On the next screen there should be three dialogue options:
      "I'm glad you trusted me enough to try to find me."
      "The bartender I like? You mean Faith?"
      "Oh, I went to the strip club instead."

      Where do things go wrong for you?

  9. I'm also having trouble with the Lap Dance part of the office Thursday walkthrough. When I get to the part where your walkthrough says score of 25.2 is required to kiss Emily/grab her ass/finish kissing her she always pulls away and shuts me down even when my score at that point is 27 or 28. I don't think I missed anything. Is this a bug in the game, or a mistake in the walkthrough? Thanks.

    1. What difficulty are you playing on? The check is Hard only (ie. if you're playing on Easy or Medium you'll automatically fail).

      Otherwise, I'm not sure. It's not marked as an Elite check, but even if it was a score of 28 would pass it.

    2. Hard difficulty always. Browser is Microsoft Edge, game version is 1.5.5+ (Is that the latest available?). Scenario is Day 1 full flirt with Emily, then strip club Azumi private dance, home, Serenthia angry, Serenthia spotted, Emily emotional, then lap dance. Using this scenario and getting every possible point available for Emily you will be at score 26 after saying "the crying's just a bonus." This is where the walkthrough says you need a 25.2 score (which I'm at 26) to "answer with a kiss." doing the kiss will give a 27 score, but the next part of the walkthrough says "grab her ass" This is where she shuts down every time. I've run through this scenario about 12 times now from scratch and i can never get past this part. Thanks.

    3. If you're only getting a +1 for answering with a kiss, then you're failing the test for some reason, and that's why she's shutting you down later on.

      The maximum score you can get with Emily at that point is 28 (you're missing out on a few points by getting a private dance from Azumi). The requirement for hard used to be 90% of the maximum (ie. 25.2 points), so you should have enough points and I don't know why you don't.

      It could be using Edge (I've never tested it personally). The weighting for Hard could have changed. It could be something else. I'd log it as a bug.

    4. Ok. Thanks for the help and your quick reply. I have been at 27 points but for some reason when I grab her ass she immediately shuts down and I can never get the option to finish the kiss. Do you know any other way to get Working Boy 17? That's the last one I need for the WB cheevo.

    5. The easiest way is to activate debug mode (as described in the day 1 guide) and manually trigger WB17 (the code is d2OAjc I think).

      If you want to do it legitimately, replay day 1 and pick any other ending to the strip club. The Azumi Private Dance ending doesn't get you many points (you end up with 10 points with Emily, compared to 23 if you get the full dance with Natalie without asking her to breakfast).

      Incidentally, I've replicated your experience on Firefox, so it's not browser based.

  10. I was wondering how to get the 'Working the Pole' achievement. Does Emily's lap dance in the office trigger it and I missed something, or does it trigger on your date with Natalie (when that episode comes out)?

    BTW, thanks for all your time and effort on these and your other walkthroughs.

    1. Nevermind, I just got it. If you follow "Emily Emotional" through till you 'Grab her hips...', it will trigger.

      You don't seem to have it mentioned there.

    2. As a belated addendum to this, starting from Episode 6 I will not be comprehensively covering achievements (not that I was before, but I was trying to).

      As I mention in the overview, this is down to the fact that trying to describe how all of the achievements are triggered makes the main walkthrough more difficult to follow (not to mention my personal dislike of the achievement system)

    3. I understand that completely. I dislike it as well and am happy to see there is no bonus scene in Episode 6 that requires finding every single little bad ending or inconsequential action just to clear the achievements requirement. I did it in Episode 5 because I wanted to see the bonus scenes but rather hated the process. I hope the team will reconsider those stringent requirements going forward, perhaps triggering future bonuses by finding all MAJOR achievements instead of every little thing. As the game gets longer and bigger, that old process could mean dozens or hundreds of achievements, involving a depressing number of replays. Ugh!

      I also hope you will rediscover your enthusiasm for the project and at least continue your walk-thru effort, even if it doesn't cover all the minutiae. Your work has been helpful and entertaining, particularly for casual players who just want to enjoy the game and not have to become intimately involved with all the details.

      Team Natalie Forever!

    4. Thanks for your encouragement.

      Episode 6 dropped yesterday apparently, so we'll see how well I do.

  11. I've updated this page to Episode 6.

    However, there are a lot of 'to be continued's so I've put off any major reworking until more episodes are released.

    1. I had hoped to get Part 5 (Brad picks up Emily for their dinner date) up tonight, but the other parts have taken longer than I thought.

      Hopefully, it will get done later this week, as will Part 3.

    2. Thanks for all your hard work! This is quite the undertaking. Both you and Wolf, haha

  12. In the Call Azumi section you have as sequential steps:

    Well, I can certainly agree with that last part.
    Don't sell yourself short. You're damn sexy too.

    I believe those are choices that are mutually exclusive. I assume you picked the second choice. Is that correct?

    Keep up the great work. It is appreciated.

    1. Whoops! Thanks for picking that up. I'm afraid by the time I got to Part 4 I wasn't validating the walkthroughs quite as strenuously as when I started.

      You're correct, and I've updated the walkthrough accordingly.

  13. in the call azumi section, how do you get her score to 20 to continue the natalie corruption path, the most i can go on is 19.

    1. Did you flirt with Emily on Day 1?

      By my reckoning, you should have 15 points with Azumi at the end of Day 1 on Natalie's corruption path.
      On Day 2, there is one specific point with Azumi, and 6 global points. However, to get 4 of those global points you have to have flirted with Emily on Day 2.