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Walkthrough: Virtual Date Zoe by Chaotic

Where the lines are indented it means you will choose from one of the options.
Words in (brackets) are either the option you have to pick, or the link destination you should choose.
Words in [square brackets] are comments
Minor intermediary steps may have been omitted.



Begin work
Take the bottle of suncream
Meet at the hotel
Speak to Zoe
"Wow. That outfit makes you look SO hot."
Finish talking
Have a drink at the bar
Speak to the barmaid
"Give two mojitos." {sic}
"Let's just go inside."

Talk to saleswoman [This is completely optional. Do not buy the tickets if you want the Emma ending.]
"Sure. I'll take two tickets."
Take the tickets

Turn left
Go to the hotel bar
Go to the bar
Get me something with a lot of flavor. (Bloody Mary)
Get me something classy. (Martini)
Get me something fun. (Sex On The Beach)
Order drinks
Drink [This doesn’t cost any money for some reason]
Turn left
Leave Hotel
“Let’s go into town.”
“Sure. Let’s hire something.”
Follow her
"I'd like something cool!"
Find something to do
Explore the streets
"Not half as beautiful as you."
Kiss her
Finish kissing
Finish walking
Turn left
Visit the restaurant
"Let's reserve a table for this evening."
Finish making a reservation

Visit the store [This is completely optional. Do not go to the store if you intend to hire the boat.]
Enter the store
Buy the suncream

“Let’s go somewhere else”
“Let’s go to the hotel”
Go inside
Turn right
Go outside to the pool
"I have some suncream with me."
Apply the suncream
"What if I untied your top?"
Untie her top
Let her sunbathe
Finish sunbathing
Swim in the pool
Let her get in the pool
"Good idea. Let's swim"
Finish swimming
Climb out of the pool
"Let's just go inside."
Go indoors
Leave Hotel
“Let’s go to the beach”
Explore the beach
Turn left
Play volleyball
Play volleyball
Get ready
Move left (vball5) -> Hit here (vball9)
Stay here (vball11) -> Hit here (vball15)
Move right (vball24) -> Hit here (vball26)
Finish playing
Turn right
Visit nude beach
"Hell, yes. Let's do it!"
Go to the nudist beach
Play Frisbee
"Hi. You interested in two more players?"
Play the game
Begin playing
Close your eyes
"Josie." (nfris10)
"Zoe." (nfris10)
"Grace." (nfris10)
Throw frisbee and close eyes [repeat 4 times]
Say goodbye

Sunbathe [if you bought the suncream from the store]
Pass suncream
Put your clothes back on
Turn right

Go to the pier [Only do this if you want the Emma or boat endings. Otherwise, leave the beach.]
"Sure. Sounds like fun."
"We'd love a boat!"
Get in the boat
"Let's go to that little island far in the distance."
Travel to the island
Explore the island
"Let's just lie down."
Finish lying
Get back on the boat
"Lets go to that big island."
Travel to the island
Go inside
Join in with the aerobics
"We're just here to relax. Would you like to join us for drinks?"
"Sure. That sounds fun."
Listen to Emma
Use stance (ex15.html)
Pick stance (ex16.html)
Pick stance (ex17.html)
Pick stance (ex26.html)
Pick stance (ex27.html)
Pick stance (ex28.html)
Pick stance (ex29.html)
"I'm ready for the next round!"
Finish watching
Pick stance (ex36.html)
Pick stance (ex37.html)
Pick stance (ex38.html)
Pick stance (ex39.html)
"Next round!"
Finish watching
Pick stance (ex46.html)
Pick stance (ex47.html)
Pick stance (ex48.html)
Pick stance (ex49.html)
"One more time!"
Finish watching
Pick stance (ex57.html)
Pick stance (ex58.html)
Pick stance (ex59.html)
Pick stance (ex60.html)
Pick stance (ex61.html)
Finish exercises
Say goodbye for now
"Let's go back to the boat."
Return to the boat
"Let's just get back on land."
“Let’s go somewhere else”
"A lovely lady like you? How could I resist?"

Evening (w/o Emma)

Begin work
Take the camera
Approach Zoe
"Wow. I love your dress!"
Finish talking
"We have a table reservation. Let's stay here."
Order the food
"Give us two lobsters." [To save money you could order the platter, or even the pizza]
Speak to waitress
"Let's take a walk through the streets."
"Actually, I was thinking of something a little naughtier."
Kiss her
Finish kissing
"What if I pulled my pants down?"
Let her slide your pants down
Let her suck your cock
Cum in her mouth
Finish cumming
Finish walking
"Let's go to the beach."
Drive to the hotel [Even though you’re going to the beach]
"Let's walk along the beach."
"Let's look at the stars."
Finish looking
"Sure. Let's go."

"I still have tickets to the fashion show if you want to see it." [if you bought the tickets earlier]]
 Go to the fashion show
"Maybe you should."
Wait for the model to finish
Let her continue
Go backstage
Watch the model
Continue watching
Finish watching
[Just have Zoe wear each of the swimsuits in turn]

"Let's go to the bar."
Go to the bar
"Sounds fun."
What were the names of the two women we played naked frisbee with? ("Grace and Josie.")
What color is the pool bartender's hair? (Red)
What is the name of the girl we got the boat from? ("Miranda.")
What's the name of the girl we bought the fashion show tickets from? ("Cecilia.")
What colour was my bikini today? ("Green.")
What color was Emma's outfit today? ("Pink.")
Without looking, tell me the color of the barmaid's hair. ("Brown.")

"Let's see what the pool is like at night."
"Let's go skinny dipping!"
"I dare you to skinny dip!"
Watch her undress
Follow her to the pool.
Strip naked and join her
Kiss her breasts
Finish kissing
Get out of the pool [You could also repeatedly kiss her to raise your Inf but it’s not necessary at this point]
Escort Zoe to her room
"How about I stay in your room tonight?"
Follow her inside
[You can probably work out what to do from here]

Evening (w/Emma)

Begin work
Take the camera
Walk up to the bar
"Hi you two. If I recall, don't you have shots to buy?"
Let her order drinks
"Let's go to the beach."
Go to the beach

[At this point you have a choice between streaking (which leads to the Hotel Room and Boat endings) or going to the resort (which leads to the Emma threesome ending)]

"I dare you both to streak along the beach!"
Strip naked
Remove your shirt
Remove your pants
Remove your underwear
Run with them
Say goodbye to Emma
Put your clothes back on
"Let's take the boat somewhere." [You could also go back to the hotel, which leads to the Hotel Room ending above]
Get aboard
"Let's find a little island all to ourselves."
Moor the boat
Get off the boat
"I have a camera. How about we take some pictures?"
"Look shy."
Take the picture
"Look bashful."
Take the picture
Continue taking pictures
Watch her undress
"Try sitting down."
Take the picture
"Put your hands behind your head."
Take the picture
Take more pictures
Watch her undress
[Your choice]
Take the picture
[Your choice]
Take the picture
Hang on the boat
Kiss her
[You should be able to handle things from here]

"Let's take the boat somewhere."
Get aboard
Go to the island
Follow them inside
"Let's get some drinks at the bar."
Have a drink
"Let's get some music playing."
Let Zoe and Emma dance together
Finish dancing
"I want to see Emma do some exercises."
Let her finish
Let Zoe try it
Let her try
Let her get up
Watch her undress
Let her finish
Watch her strip
Let Zoe try
Let her finish
Kiss Zoe
Finish kissing
Let them kiss
[You should be able to work out what to do from here]


  1. Replies
    1. It is the link destination you should choose.

  2. after emma does exercising, theres no option to lrt zoe do it. am i missing something?

    1. It means that either:
      a) they aren't drunk enough
      b) Emma and Zoe haven't danced together
      c) you don't have enough Influence with Zoe
      d) there's a bug

  3. anybody know walkthrough zoe+1 please

  4. anybody know walkthrough vdategames jennifer please?

    1. Unless it's been released as a free game, I won't have a walkthrough for it.

    2. Make a walkthrough please now that it's a free game

    3. Since you said please...

      The Jennifer walkthrough isn't complete yet, but it covers the main content.

    4. Its actually free (here from 2019) -