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Walkthrough: Virtual Date Lisette by Chaotic

When the game begins it is 8pm by the onscreen clock. For the sake of convenience I refer to the underlying variable (‘clock’) throughout this walkthrough. Increasing clock by 1 moves time forward by 30 minutes.

You begin the game with 100 Money and 40 Influence (Inf) with Lisette. If you want an easier game you could edit entry.html or any file that follows it so that clicking on an option increases those values (eg. in entry.html you could replace varPlus40('inf') with varPlus100('inf')).

Speak to Madison
"Don't worry. Your sister will be safe with me."
"Why don't you meet us later?" (+5 Inf; Madison meets you at the bar later) OR "I promise. Scout's honor!" (+5 Inf)
Say goodbye to Madison
Continue listening
"Let's stay here for a while." (goto Mall)

[NB. Visiting the clothes store or the bar at the mall cost money, and therefore may not be advisable for the more expensive paths.
If you arranged to meet Madison later you will need to buy some kind of lingerie for the photoshoot.
If you want to take Lisette to dinner at the hotel, you will need to buy the dress.]

Go upstairs
Go to bar
Pick drinks
Choose softdrink (-2 money; +5 Inf) OR Choose liquor (-5 Money; +5 Drink)
Finish having drinks
Go downstairs

Stay downstairs
Sit and talk
"Why don't you ask me something?"
"To would start with, I would go to a restaurant..." (+3 Inf)
"And to finish, I would go to see a live band." (+3 Inf)
Continue the date
[NB. The reason for doing this second is that otherwise you would have to buy Lisette a beer to get this Infuence increase.]

Go to clothes store
Choose what to buy

Look on shelf (ling10) -> Buy the lingerie (req Inf 41+) -> Let her change clothes -> Buy the lingerie (-20 Money; +10 Inf) [naughty lingerie for photoshoot]
Look in tray (ling20) -> Buy the lingerie (req Inf 41+) -> Let her change clothes -> Buy the lingerie (-20 Money; +10 Inf) [lingerie for photoshoot]
Look on shelf (bikini10) -> Buy the swimsuit (req Inf 41+) -> Let her change clothes -> Buy the bikini (-20 Money; +10 Inf) [for hot tub]
Look on table (bikini30) -> Buy the bikini (req Inf 41+) -> Let her change clothes -> Buy the bikini (-20 Money; +10 Inf) [for hot tub]
Look on rack (dress20) -> Buy the dress -> Let her change clothes -> Buy the dress (-40 Money; +10 Inf) [required for restaurant]

Finish at the store
Let's go somewhere else. (+2 Clock)

[Uptown (where Daisy’s band is playing) or downtown (where you may have arranged to meet Madison) is your first major choice. However, it’s not as straight-forward as it appears because you may have to go to the other location first in order to build up enough influence and/or advance the clock.]

"Let's go downtown."
"Walk." -> Walk with her (+2 Clock) OR "Bus." -> Take the bus (+1 Clock) -> Take the bus downtown (-5 Money) OR "Train." -> Take the train (-20 Money) -> Travel downtown
[Goto Downtown]

"Let's go uptown."
"Train." -> Take the train (-20 Money) -> Travel uptown OR "Walk." -> Walk with her (+2 clock)
[Goto Uptown; for unknown reasons, taking the bus is -10 Inf, which is why I don’t list it.]

Explore downtown
Visit nightclub

[If you invited Madison, she will be here if the clock is 5-7 (which it will be if you walked from the mall) -> goto Madison].

Go to the bar

[Whether you drink or dance first depends on whether or not the Inf bonus from dancing would push you to buy more expensive alcohol, and if you want to pay that.]

"Let's get a drink."
[If your Inf is 51 or less (ie. if you didn’t gain any Inf from the clothes store or mall bar) choose a soft drink for +5 Inf; if your Inf is 51-70 choose beer for +5 Inf; if your Inf is 71 choose liquor for +5 Inf (or just to get her drunk).]
"Give me two soft drinks." (-2 Money) OR "Give me two beers." (-3 Money) OR "Give me two of something hard." (-5 Money; +5 Drink)

"Let's dance."
Finish dancing (+5 Inf)

"Let's go somewhere else." (+1 Clock)
"Let's go somewhere else."

"Let's go uptown."
"Walk." -> Walk with her (+2 clock) OR "Let's take the bus." -> Ride the bus (-5 Money; +1 Clock) OR "Let's take the train." -> Take the train (-20 Money) -> Ride the train
[Goto Uptown]

Go to the bar
"Hi. Maddison."
Buy drinks
[If your Inf is 51 or less (ie. if you didn’t gain any Inf from the clothes store or mall bar) choose a soft drink for +5 Inf; if your Inf is 51-70 choose beer for +5 Inf; if your Inf is 71 choose liquor for +5 Inf (or just to get her drunk).]
Ask what Maddison wants
[Madison will randomly ask for ‘something nice, but not too alcoholic’ (Bucks fizz), ‘something with a bit of a kick to it’ (Manhattan), or ‘something that's a bit fun’ (Cosmopolitan)]
Choose drink for her
Pick this drink (-5 Money)
Drink (Madison Inf +5)
"So, Maddison. What do you do for a living?"
"Enough talking. Let's dance." (Madison Inf +5)
Finish dancing (+5 Inf)
Suggest going next door to the strip club
"Me too!" (+1 Clock)
Go to the bar
"Ask the dancer for a lapdance"
"It's for Maddison." (Madison Inf +5)
Tip the dancer for the outfit
Finish the dance (Madison Inf +5; -30 Money)
Give Lissette money for a tip
Let her go (-20 Money; +5 Inf)
Push the drunk away
"Oh, yeah. There's a really big demand for it."
Wait for Lissette (+5 Madison Inf)
"Let's go." (req Madison Inf 25+)
"That sounds like fun." (req Inf 70+)
Go to the photography studio (+1 clock)
[Goto Photoshoot]

Volunteer to be photographer
Take the camera
"Pose relaxed."
Take the picture (Mad Inf +5)
"Show off your ass a bit."
Take the picture (Mad Inf +5)
Speak to Lissette
"What about the lingerie I bought you earlier?" (req. lingerie; naughty lingerie req Inf 80+)
Let her change clothes (+5 Inf)
<doesn't matter>
Take the picture
Let them continue
Let Maddison change clothes
<doesn't matter>
Take the picture
"What about posing naked together?"
Strip naked (req. Inf 85+)
Watch then strip
"You should pose kissing."
Let them kiss (+30 Inf)
<sex scene>

Enter hotel (if you have the dress you could also choose to go to the Art Gallery at any time)
Suggest she changes clothes (req. dress)
"How about you wear the dress I bought you."
Wait for her to change clothes
Do something else
Speak to desk clerk
"Can I get a room for the night?" (req. Inf 61+)
Collect room key (-40 money; +3 Inf)
Eat at the restaurant
Go to your table

[Lisette will ask three of the following questions]
I live with parents (false) (+2 Inf)
I've been naked with a woman before (true) (+2 Inf)
My favorite color is blue (false) (+2 Inf)
As a student, I study literature (false) (+2 Inf)
I was a girl scout (true) (+2 Inf)
I dye my hair (false) (+2 Inf)
I've done professional modelling (false) (+2 Inf)

Eat the meal (-10 money; +1 clock)
[goto Daisy]

See if the band is playing (req. 7-8; this requires you to have walked to downtown and then walked uptown)
"Let's go in."
Go to the bar
Speak to the couple
Take the camera
Take the picture
Keep the camera (gain camera)
Get a drink
Pick drinks
Choose liquor (-10 money)
Finish having drinks (+5 Drink)
Turn left
Dance closer (+1 Inf)
Continue dancing
Kiss her (req Inf 65+)
Finish kissing (+5 Inf)
(if drink 15+) Watch her climb the bar; Let her climb down (+2 clock)
(otherwise) Finish dancing
Turn right
Speak to Daisy
Let them talk
Kiss Lissette
Finish kissing (+3 Inf)
"Why don't you come to our hotel room later?" [you could also choose not to invite her -> goto Hotel Room]
Say goodbye to daisy
"Let's go somewhere else." (+2 clock)
Go up to the rooms (req Inf 71+)
"Yes. Let's go."
Follow her
"I don't mind." (if she has the dress on)
Look around
Let her open the door
"Hi, Daisy."
Let them look around
"Let's talk."
Sit and talk
"That doesn't matter. The important thing is that you sound great." (+4 Inf)
"So, how long have you two known each other?"
"That's awesome! I bet all the guys were jealous." (+3 Inf; +4 Daisy Inf)
"Well, I'm sure you'd make a perfect couple anyways." (+3 Inf; +4 Daisy Inf)
"Let's have some fun!"
"That sounds like fun!"
Choose your dares
[Due to the dares being completely random, you may still end up getting nowhere at this point. See comments below for a guide.]

Hotel Room
Follow her
"I don't mind."
Look around
Finish looking around
"Let's get a drink from the mini-bar."
Drink (+3 Inf)
"Let's walk around the hotel." OR "Let's go back down to the bar." (goto Hotel Bar)
"No talking. Kiss me." (+3 Inf)
Finish kissing (+3 Inf)
Push her against the wall (req 80+ Inf)
Passionately kiss her
Finish kissing her (+3 Inf)
Take her top off (req 90+ Inf)
Watch her undress
Feel her breasts
Finish feeling
Watch her undress
"Kiss me again."
Finish kissing
"Sounds good to me."
Follow her to your room
Join her on the bed
<sex scene>

Hotel Bar
Go to the bar
Go to the bar
Drink a shot
"Bartender! Two more shots!” (-5 Money)
Drink a shot
"Bartender! Two more shots!” (-5 Money)
Drink a shot
"Let's go back to the room." (req 90+ Inf)
Kiss her
Finish kissing
Help her undress
"I could see better if you turned around."
Touch her
"I dare you to run to the room naked."
Follow her to your room
Join her on the bed
<sex scene>

Art Gallery
Visit art gallery
Let's go inside.
Tour the exhibition (-5 money)
"I...don't get them." (+3 Inf)
Look at the next exhibit
"You're cuter." (+3 Inf)
Look at the next exhibit
"I think he's starting to get 'excited'." (+2 Inf)
Look at the next exhibit
"I think it's just an empty space."
"Yes, let's just go." (+1 clock)

[If you’ve bought Lisette alcohol at all three bars you could do the following instead of leaving]
Dare her to pose as an exhibit (req Inf 61+)
Let her undress
Meet Lissette by the entrance (+10 Inf)
Leave (+1 clock)

[The alternative to the hotel or photoshoot endings is to take Lisette back to your apartment. If you travel by train or walk by the beach you will have different options.]

Use your camera to take Lissette's picture
"Just stand there looking gorgeous." -> Take the picture (+5 Inf) -> Ride the train OR "I dare you to pose topless." (req Inf 80+) -> Take the picture (+3 Inf) -> "I dare you to pose completely nude!" (req Inf 90+) -> Take the picture (+5 Inf) -> Let her dress -> Go to your apartment
(goto Apartment)

"Dare you to jump in the water." (needs camera)
Use your camera to take her picture
"I want you to strip naked." (req 80+ Inf)
Watch her strip
Take the picture (+5 Inf)
Go to your apartment (goto Apartment)

Apartment (incomplete)
Let her look around
Finish showing her around

"Let's check out the view."
Kiss her
Finish kissing (+2 Inf)
Finish looking at the view

"Let's use the hot tub."
(bikini) "What about the bikini I bought you earlier?" -> Let her change clothes -> Get in the hot tub -> Kiss her -> Finish kissing (req Inf 90+) -> Let her undress
(naughty bikini) "What about the naughty swimsuit I bought you earlier?" -> Let her change clothes -> Get in the hot tub (+3 Inf) -> Kiss her -> Finish kissing (req Inf 90+) -> Let her undress
(nothing) "Let's go naked." (req Inf 95+) -> Watch her undress -> Strip naked and join her
Kiss her
Finish kissing (+30 Inf)
<sex scene>

"Let's dance."
Finish dancing (+3 Inf)


  1. Daisy Ending:

    Piciking the three dares is hard and completely random, the key with the dare game is not to get lissette's influence up but daisys.

    The three dares i ALWAYS choose and gives me about a 80% success rate are the Following:
    1) Pose for a Naughty Photoshoot. (requires Camera)
    2) Kiss Someone's Ass
    3) Streak Naked down the corridor.

    The key here was to have a second option that invloves everyone naked.

    The Dares the ladies choose are:
    1) Stick Someone's Foot in your mouth.
    2) Hold Breath for 1 min
    3) Jump up and down on the bed
    4) Give someone a lap dance
    5) Someone mus take a spanking
    6) Everyone Remove Clothing

    For each dare use the following options to increase Daisy's Inf
    1)Stick Someone's foot in your mouth

    2)Hold Breath for 1 min (only do-able while naked)


    3)Jump Up and Down on bed


    4)Give Someone a lap dance

    Daisy gives Lisette a Lapdance

    5)Someone must take a spanking

    Daisy Spanks Lisette

    For your dares choose the following
    1) Kiss Someone's Ass

    Lisette kisses Daisy's ass

    2) Pose for a Naughty Photo

    Daisy ()
    * you would think the both pose would increase more
    ** note Lisette inf goes down with this option

    Now even with these choices and attempts the game can screw you over. I have gotten one where the first two dares were remove clothing and streak.

    the only way to get the ending is to have them naked and all the dares accomplished with the most inf possible on daisy.

    Fun Note:
    When you first get in the pool with the Two naked ladies. Kiss Daisy first for a secret ending.


    1. Thanks for that. My walkthrough is pretty rough in places, and that was one of those places.

      "Kiss Daisy first for a secret ending"
      Lisette gets mad and they both go to bed?

    2. Yah my way of making people hate me. lol, i did it one time by acciedent and was LIKE FUCK

    3. Does anybody know how to get the achievement
      Gotten Lisette to strip naked in the hotal elevator

    4. Basically go up to the hotel room (without inviting Daisy) then go back down to the hotel bar. Have 4 shots, then go back upstairs. If your influence with Lisette is high enough she'll be willing to strip.

      I'm probably going to rewrite this walkthrough since it's barebones and poorly laid out.


    5. Dating Lisette – Home Path


      Speak to Lisette

      Kiss Lisettes cheek

      Say goodbye to Madison

      Continue listening

      "Let's stay here for a while." (go to Mall)


      Stay on first floor by clicking just to her right (your left)

      Clothes Store

      Then click just above her head to go to the Clothes store

      Visiting the clothes store buy the red Dress (not the black one) from the rack by clicking on to the rear of the rack you get that choice .

      Let her try on the dress

      Buy it

      Finish at the store

      Sit and talk on the bench

      "Why don't you ask me something?"

      answer ……….."To would start with, I would go to a restaurant..."

      answer …………"And to finish, I would go see a band.”

      Continue the date

      Let's go somewhere else.

      Click just to her lower left to “go to stairs”

      Go upstairs by clicking on the stairs

      Go to Mall bar

      Pick drinks Choose “beer”

      Finish having drinks

      Go downstairs

      Lets go somewhere else



      Visit Nightclub

      Go to the bar

      Get a drink, choose “Beer”



      Let’s go Uptown


      Go to the Hotel

      Enter Hotel

      Click on door to right

      “Suggest she change clothes”

      Have her change into the red dress “How about that little red dress I bought you?”

      Go to the restaurant

      Eat at the restaurant

      Go to your table

      Lisette will ask three of the following questions……

      I live with parents (false)

      I've been naked with a woman before (true)

      My favorite color is blue (false)

      As a student, I study literature (false)

      I was a girl scout (true)

      I dye my hair (false)

      I've done professional modelling (false)

      Eat the meal

      Leave the restaurant then

      Now go to the Niteclub in the Hotel

      (where Daisy’s band is playing. Its got to be at least 11 PM but before 12 MN)

      Click on the double wooden doors

      Get a drink

      Pick drinks

      Choose “Beer”

      Finish having drinks

      Turn left


      Continue Dancing

      Then click on Lisette to “dance closer”

      Then click on her face to “kiss her”

      Finish Dancing

      See what happens

      Now go back outside

      Visit Art Gallery

      Go to the Art Gallery

      Make the following three comments….

      “I …don’t get them”

      “You’re cuter.”

      “I think he’s getting excited”

      “I think it’s just an empty space”

      “Yes, let’s just go”

      Go back into hotel

      Let Lisette change back into her normal clothes

      Go Back to your place

      “Let’s go back to my place”

      Walk along the beach

      In apartment Let her look around

      Finish letting her look around

      Let’s go inside

      Let’s Dance

      Finish Dancing

      Then the Kiss/Lips on the Legend to the left should be full up with a red heart at the top, this is a good sign!

      Go outside

      “Let’s check out the view”

      Say “Yea, I love sitting in the hot tub and watching it”

      Let’s use the hot tub

      “Lets get naked”

      Watch her strip naked

      Strip naked and join her

      Kiss her

      Kiss her breasts

      Finish kissing

      Let her suck your cock

    6. I can't choose to go upstairs after buying dress and she it doesn't give me the option to ask her to change the dress

  2. followed ur walkthough and i can't past the mall part any thoughts?

    1. You'll have to give me more information. Where are you stuck?

    2. on the first part of the game

    3. I meant, where exactly does the walkthrough start going wrong for you?

  3. I can't get the maddison ending... they pose together in lingerie but won't get naked. What am I missing?

    1. Doing everything at the mall (ie. buying Lisette a softdrink, talking to her, and buying the lingerie) plus doing everything in the Madison and Photo Shoot sections should give you just enough influence that if you strip naked first they're willing to do so as well.

    2. I have done everything, followed every step liested. Is something missing? Could someone post a walkthrough leading to that one ending wihout all of the alternatives?

    3. The option for you to strip when the girls initially protest isn't a texted one, you have to click at the bottom of the pic. Took me a while to figure that out

  4. can someone help me i get stuck after visting cloth store and try to go somewhere else

    1. In what way are you stuck?

      Do you mean that you can't find any links? If so, I'd suggest playing the game with Firefox because then you can just Tab through the available links.

  5. how about walkthrough maddision final cut. I can't play it. may i help you

    1. Sorry, but Maddison is one of Chaotic's 'Offsite' games and I've no desire to give him any money. Equally, I don't condone piracy.

      If he releases it as a free game I will probably do a walkthrough for it.

  6. How do I get her to change into the red dress? I have followed both walkthroughs to a T and all I get is her saying, "I don't think I have anything to change into" and "Do something else" screen click. What do I do?

    1. Barring a bug, the only way you could get that message is if you didn't buy the right dress at the mall.

  7. Is it possible to just type in a url in a new browser and move around. It seems like it works but the cash/happiness meters get messed up.

    1. You'd be better off asking Chaotic, but my impression is that it would screw up all the variables that the game tracks.

    2. I've just been playing around with a few different games and it seems like you could just post the urls of the 1st sequence of whatever ending and continue from there. For example, for the new game Zoe, you could just start here: And go on from there to enjoy the ending.

    3. You probably could, assuming that the end sequence doesn't test any of the variables. I'm just not entirely sure what the point would be, especially given how short some of Chaotic's end sequences are.

      My impression is that people want to actually play the game, which is why they don't just look through all the pictures and then call it a day.

  8. no matter what i do, i always start with 60money give or take.. i couldn't tip stripper or let lisette tip her because i had to bought lingerie first... any idea how to get more money because this game doesn't give me enough lol..

    1. Other than editing the files (and if you do that, remember that you can't use any functions that aren't defined in _functions.js), the only advice I can give is don't spend money on things you don't need for that particular playthrough.

      So don't take the train unless necessary, and buy soft drinks unless you're doing one of the paths that requires Lisette to be drunk.

  9. Anyone know how to beat the virtual date evana?

    1. There is at least one walkthrough in circulation:

      You could also have a look at the comments at Playforce One ( as people frequently post walkthroughs (sometimes copied from this site, but not in this case).

  10. I cant get her influence up no matter what i do in the beginning it never moves so i can't get past the mall opening. any suggestions?

    1. You're probably best off contacting Chaotic about any technical problems.

      Have you edited any of the files? Have you had any problems with Chaotic's other games?

  11. Does any one knews how to get Lissette to dance naked on the apartaments table?

    1. As far as I know, Lisette doesn't dance naked on a table at the apartment. She does dance semi-topless on the bar at the hotel though, if her Drink level is at 15 or greater.

    2. Read the achievements I found that is possible...

    3. So it is. You just need to ask her to dance and have Influence at 90 or greater.

    4. Just asking her 4 a dance dosen't work, u can just finish dancing. But I got it. I was made the drink level 15 and inf at 100 and she does the table dance)

    5. It's only avalable if u bougth her the green bikini, and got her to the hot hub. Don't kiss her into the hub, do somthing else and choise let's dance then u will have it

  12. The red see through dress, where do you use that one? I cant find a place?

    1. Only the clothes listed in the walkthrough have any function in the game.