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Walkthrough: Something's In The Air (v1.0) by Ariane Barnes

Something's In The Air is an R-rated visual novel by Ariane Barnes that can be downloaded from

This walkthrough applies to version 1.0 of Something's In The Air, which was released on 31 August 2013.

Prequel Stuff
There are two ways to define what happened on your first date with Ariane.

Firstly, you can pick a pre-configured date from the Prequel Menu under Options. There are three types of pre-configured date: a hot date (ie a date that ended in sex; these are marked with an asterisk), an ordinary date that didn't end in sex, or a bad date (although only one of them is so bad that Ariane won't date you again). There is also a setting called "Did It All!!" which combines all of the possible events from the first game (unless otherwise specified, this is the setting used by this walkthrough).

Secondly, if you completed the first game you would have received a code representing the events of that date. If you click the Enter Custom button under Options, when you start the game you will be prompted to enter your code. The advantage of doing this is that you can have combinations of events that aren't possible with the pre-configured dates. This is the only way to access a particular Easter Egg, which is mentioned below.

There are a total of 25 endings, listed below in the same order that they will appear in the gallery. If an ending involves sex it has an asterisk.

Once you’ve unlocked all 25 endings, you will have the option to pick one of the girls for an epilogue from the Endings gallery.

Ariane and Rebecca
Phone Sex
Blackout Fun*
Celebrity Sightings
Tequila Shots
House Party with Ariane
Getting Drunk at Ariane's Place
Fuck Buddies*
Makeup Sex*
Safety Pullout*

Coffee Conversations
The Amusement Park
Gamer Girl*
House Party With Rachel
The Photoshoot
Concert and After Party
The Costume Contest
Arch Angel
LARPing with Arch Angel
Skinny Dipping at Night


Topless Volleyball

Pool Shark at the Live Cabaret

A New Paint Job

Something's In The Air

Player notebook
Version 1.0 added a player notebook, which keeps track of the information that you’ve learned about each character. Where possible I’ve noted where you learn specific things in this format: [Ariane: major] (ie. you’ve learned what Ariane’s major at college was). However, it is not yet fully comprehensive.

The player notebook also has six clues that can be unlocked by various actions (listed below):
#1 - Requires one of the following Ariane endings: 'Rebecca and Ariane', 'Phone Sex', 'Blackout Fun', 'Safety Pullout', or 'Ice Cream' (NB. the latter is no longer an achievement in v1.0, but it still triggers this clue)
#2 - You must learn that Rachel has a LAN party scheduled for that evening, visit the fortune teller at the carnival, and get the 'Concert and After Party' ending.
#3 - You must get any of the Bonnie endings, and be ditched by Arch Angel at the strip club (ie. instead of choosing "I don't care if you take me to headquarters." in the walkthrough below, choose "OK, OK, He is in that building ahead.").
#4 - You must get either of the Veronica endings, plus the 'Skinny Dipping at Night' Rachel ending.
#5 - You must get the two house party endings, 'House Party' and 'House Party With Rachel'.
#6 - You must get the 'Tequila Shots' and 'Concert and After Party' endings.

The Walkthrough
Any option with an asterisk next to it is a cosmetic choice. You will get a slightly different response if you choose another option but it won't significantly affect anything. A blank line is generally used to separate different paths.

The Beginning

To begin with only the first three options will be available. Once you've completed the different stories, the fourth option will become available.

Call Ariane, and see if she wants to go out again (go to Ariane)
Go to the local gym, where all the hot women tend to be on Saturday morning (go to The Gym)
Go back to sleep (go to Veronica & Bonnie)
Hang out at home and play some online games (go to Paula)

The Gym

Go and talk to the funky haired girl [Lydia: job, gym]
Talk to Rebecca [Rebecca: gym, dance]
Ask Ariane out for a second date

It doesn't matter who you try to approach as you will be shot down one way or another. You will end up talking to Dave, who will suggest going to a bar to pick up chicks this evening.

Do some weight training [Wendy: name, job] (Go to Wendy)
Go try out the Yoga class too [Heidi: name, yoga] (Go to The Bar)

The Bar

Um, OK.*
Assert yourself and demand the hot blonde [Veronica: bar; Ariane: rebecca1] [Ending: Centerfold] OR Let Dave have his way and go talk to the nerdy girl [go to Rachel]


Great, show me what to do
Pretend to do 50 leg lifts
Negotiate down
Let me try a mile and see how it goes
Sure I'll give you a ride to the lake.
Do you enjoy being a personal trainer? [Wendy: drive-n-dine]
Where else do you work? [Wendy: lizard]
What is this gig you have at the lake? [Lexi: volleyball, job; Wendy: drive-n-dine]
I don't care, I'll run around naked anyways* [Lexi: name; Veronica: nude] [Ending: Topless Volleyball]

Veronica & Bonnie

[Veronica: bar]
Hell yeah, I could use some adventure
Will there be a lot of Emo types there?*
If the cops dust for fingerprints, they will suspect I stole it. I have to turn you in* [Ending: A New Paint Job]

Sure, I just got done watching five hours of Baseball, I'm ready to party! [Bonnie: name]
Sure I'll make sure you get inside safe.
(save when she says "Naw, let's just fuck with the lights on!", then reload until you've seen all the endings)
[Ending: Pool Shark at the Live Cabaret]


[Find the hidden raptors if you can. Otherwise, just click wildly until they're all gone]
Thum the Barbarian gets it
Mage Cassandra then
Stealth around them
Sure Let's go for it
Let's discuss strategy
[Save Interrupt Arrow for stopping the golem's Avalanche; use Damage Arrow if it's about to throw a rock; use Damage or Knockback arrow if it's about to stomp]
Who is this?*
So, who are you really?*
Go to the Hotel
Put token into vending machine
Go to the Dress Shop
Here is a blue token
Green, please
Go to the Night Club [Wendy: lizard]
Yes, it's an interesting game*
Go to Heidi's Salon [Heidi: name, job, ariane; Suki: name, job]
I have a green one, here you go
Go to the Art Museum
Here is a yellow token
White, please
Go to the Restaurant
Here is a white token
Blue, please
Go to Home Place
Here is a blue token
Red, please
Go to the Lingerie Store [Rebecca: job]
Here is a red token
White, please*
Yes, it's gibberish*
I'd love to take you with me*
I'm supposed to be here for some meeting* [Paula: memory]
How did you do it? [Paula: iq]
Yes, I admit the token game was a lot of fun [Rachel: Valena]
How is that possible? [Paula: education] -> With a little hair and makeup change you could be a star OR What are you a professor of? [Paula: atmosphere]
What are you doing now?*
[Play with the settings until you get everything right]
[Ending: Something's In The Air]


Do you come here often? (This leads to the end of the evening unless you went to the diner on your first date with Ariane, but still had a good date (which is not possible with the pre-configured dates, but a custom first date experience of 414aa should work). If that’s the case you will go to the diner again. This happens any time a date with Ariane or Rachel ends prematurely in the evening. Go to Diner)

So, I'm supposed to distract you while my friend hits on your friend. [Rachel: honesty, name, student]
So, What is your major?
I have heard worse reasons for choosing a major.
We can wait, what is the wait like?*
I'll have the Vegetarian platter
I'll take the soup*
Cola* [Rachel: vegetarian, age]
No, It just sounded tasty.*
I like it here, I just don't know many people here yet. OR I love this town, there is so much to do here [Rachel: dishonest]

(You can learn a lot of information about Rachel during this conversation. However, most of the paths are mutually exclusive or do not lead to the date continuing, so you should save here if you’re being a completist. The numbers in brackets refer to how much that option improves the PC's relationship with Rachel.)

          Fiction mostly (+1)
                   Romance novels [Rachel: dishonest]
                   Sci-Fi and Fantasy (+1) [Rachel: sci-fi] -> Fantasy Fest
                   Graphic novels (+1) [Rachel: comic] -> Fantasy Fest
          Non-Fiction mostly
                   Science mostly (+1) [Rachel: science] -> Albert Einstein -> Carl Sagan (+1) -> Neil deGrasse Tyson (+1)
                   Religion and Philosophy [Rachel: humanism]
          Magazines mostly
                   Sports magazines [Rachel: model, beach]
                   Men's magazines (+1) [Rachel: honest. dishonest, model, beach] -> Would you be willing to do nude work? (+1)

Movies (leads to movie date after dinner)
          Action films (+1) [Rachel: action] -> I like women that know what they like. (+1)

Sports -> What were you doing in the Seychelles? -> Wait, that does not make sense. [Rachel: model]

Video Games (+1) [Rachel: video games]
          First person shooters [Rachel: fps] -> Mostly solo* (+1)
          MMORPG's (+1) [Rachel: rpg, elemental realms]

Her Career [Rachel: model, beach]

Atmospheric Science (+1) [Rachel: environment]
          (Doesn’t matter)*
                   Global climate change is a fact (+1)
                   I really have not decided yet  [Rachel: ignorant]

Offer to pay [Rachel: geek]

(If you talked about movies, Rachel will suggest going to see “The Maguffin Job 2”. Go to Movie with Rachel)

If you learned that she is a model but didn’t score enough points to get a date, she will sign a copy of Beach magazine for you [Rachel: magazine2]

Let's go to that nightclub [Heidi: name, job; Rachel: model; Suki: name, job] (go to Nightclub) OR I'm new to town, you should pick a spot I don't know about. [Rachel: car, extrovert, photo] (go to Carnival)

Movie with Rachel
I liked it.* [Rachel: model]
Intervene (+1) [Rachel: beach, website]
[Ending: Coffee Conversations]


So, what do you have planned? [Suki: college] -> Sure, why not? [Suki: volleyball]
Why do you have to stay? [Suki: books] -> Sure, why not? [Suki: volleyball; Heidi: secret]
Read some magazines [Rachel: beach, magazine1, nude]

So, how did you get into modeling?*
The second, the daring purple number. (+1) OR The black one with pink trim [Rachel: nude]
[Wendy: lizard; Ariane: rebecca2]
We went to all that trouble to make you look fabulous, we should stay for the after party [Ending: Concert and After Party] OR Let's avoid the crowd and just leave now. [Rachel: car, home]
Whew, that is a relief. (+1) [Rachel: studio, photo]
Number 3
Number 4
As artistic nudes go these are very good. [Rachel: erotic] [Ending: The Photoshoot]


Ferris wheel
The Magician
The rollercoaster [Ending: The Amusement Park]

The Snack Bar
OK, It's you.
The rollercoaster
The Dunk Booth
Yes, I'm interested [go to House Party]

The rollercoaster
The Dunk Booth
Tilt-A-Whirl* [go to Second Date with Rachel]

House Party

You are right we should go.* [Ending: House Party With Rachel]

Fantasy Fest

Nice, you just happen to have that in your closet?*

Let's have a look around.
Go to the costume contest.
Vote for the one on the left*
Go check out the comic vendors [Ending: Arch Angel]

Let's do the trivia contest
[The answers are Angel, Ariana, Barry Allen, Blink, Dragonball, Evolved Human time travellers, Geonosis, Ghost in the Shell, Hellboy, Invader Zim, Kilgore Trout, Mother and Son, My Neighbor Totoro, Philip K Dick, Poison Ivy, Stephen King, The Foundation Series, The Targaryens, The Trill, The Wheel of Time.]
Go look around the rest of the festival.
Go to the Women's Costume Contest.
(if you didn't answer all of the trivia questions correctly Ending: The Costume Contest; if you did Ending: Skinny Dipping at Night)

Let's do the trivia contest (see above)
Go look around the rest of the festival.
Go check out the comic vendors
Tell me more about larping, is it like cosplay?* [Rachel: LARP]
I'd be willing to play along with you
I'm not telling you a thing!
I don't care if you take me to headquarters. [Rachel: home] (Choose "OK, OK, He is in that building ahead." to unlock Clue 3)
Those handcuffs don't scare me.
Looks like you will have to get physical with me.
Very well, he likes to go to the diner [Lexi: job, tits]
Very well, he likes to go to the nightclub [Ariane: rebecca3]
OK, He's at the strip club.* [Rachel: nude, sex, fetish, bi] [Ending: LARPing with Rachel] [NB. This ending is called LARPing with Arch Angel in the ending gallery]

Second Date with Rachel

I did not hear about the festival.* [Rachel: home, mod, valena]
She does!
Yes, Your Highness.* [Rachel: nude, sex] [Ending: Gamer Girl]


Hey beautiful, whatcha wearing?
Different is cool with me. What do you got in mind?
You want a suit? You got it!
Good evening Ariane, I love your dress.*
Let's sit at the bar and wait then.
Ask about her day* [Stacy: wine]
All right, Let's go.

If you had a hot date [Ariane: brutal]
Why was it so important to you?
I'm sorry you feel that way. [Ending: Fuck Buddies] OR We should just go out and have some fun.
Be careful, I may just take you up on that offer.

If you "Did It All!!"
The movie Xanadu*

See an Action Movie (go to Action Movie) OR See a Romantic Comedy (go to Romantic Comedy) OR See a Drama (go to Drama) OR Let Ariane decide (go to Ariane Decides)

Romantic Comedy [Veronica: romcom; Ariane: romcom]

Let's stick with the concert
Let Ariane go get the beer
If Ariane is willing, then I am too
I'm already feeling performance anxiety thinking about it.*
Ariane, are you giving me permission to lick another woman's pussy?*
If you don't feel comfortable, Ariane, maybe you shouldn't* [Ending: Tequila Shots]
It's your turn to choose, remember?
Are you sure you want to run around the party shirtless?* [Ending: House Party with Ariane]

Ariane Decides [Veronica: romcom; Ariane: romcom]

Go to the nightclub [Ending: Celebrity Sightings] OR Go back to her place (go to Ariane's House) OR Let her decide what to do (go to Mountain Drive)

Action Movie

It wasn't very good.* [Ariane: action movie]
Really? Me too.* [Ariane: gym, action]
I'm not that interested then.*
What? "Action Girl" is afraid of a little blackout and thunderstorm?
[Ending: Blackout Fun]

Drama [Heidi: heiariane] (If you didn’t meet Rebecca on the first date: Rebecca: name, ariane, job)

Let Rebecca find a seat elsewhere.
I agree, it was a good movie, but very sad. [Ariane: drama] (If you didn’t meet Rebecca on the first date Rebecca: gay)
Well, now I am.  Thanks for the imagery. * [Ariane: hetero]
Yes, but now is not the time (if you Did It All!!)
So, uh, what are you wearing? [Ending: Phone Sex]

I'd be willing to get in on that action.
Yes, but now is not the time*

Invite Rebecca to join you and Ariane [Ariane: drama]
I agree, it was a good movie, but very sad. (If you didn’t meet Rebecca on the first date: Rebecca: gay)
Not a problem with it at all, I know a few myself. [Ariane: major, gym, cheer; Rebecca: major, dance]
You wouldn't happen to still have your uniform would you?* [Ariane: helper]
[Ending: Ariane and Rebecca]

Ariane's House

If you "Did It all!!"
Just the beer thanks* [Ending: Makeup Sex]

If you had a hot date
Stop at the store as well
Crank up the tunes!
Carry Ariane to bed [Ending: Getting Drunk at Ariane's Place]

Mountain Drive

No* [Ending: Safety Pullout]


What's the special tonight?
What's with the pictures of the topless waitresses?* [Lexi: name, job, tits]


  1. When I click "Hey beautiful, whatcha wearing" Ariane hangs up. Do you know how to stop that?

    1. Change your prequel settings. You need to have had either a hot date or "Did It All!!" (which is what this walkthrough assumes unless otherwise stated)

    2. Alternatively just pick one of the other options.

  2. Any chance of doing a walkthrough of Magician's Nephew? Been getting stuck on it.

    1. I may do a walkthrough for Magician's Nephew once the full version is released, but it won't be out as quickly as some of my other walkthroughs.

  3. Do you happen to know which scenes display paulaforest5.jpg and rachelnude12.jpg?

    1. The first is from Paula's epilogue, the second is from the photoshoot with Rachel.

    2. Hmm, I've never had the Paula epilogue, and my Rachel photoshoot usually ends before that point. Do you know what I'm doing wrong?

    3. As the walkthrough mentions, to get access to the epilogues you need to find all 25 endings. Then, once you've looked through the endings in the gallery, you'll be prompted to pick one of five epilogues.

      Re Rachel's photoshoot, for the extra four shots (which happen after "As artistic nudes go these are very good.") you might have to ask her about nude modelling at dinner, although I'm pretty sure that I've gotten them without that.

  4. Replies
    1. And I tried to find all endings with Rachel but there is two that's missing.

    2. As the walkthrough says, you have to complete the three substories before the option that leads to Paula becomes available.

      And unless you tell me which endings are missing, I can't really help you.

  5. I have every ending and unlocked all the clues except 3: The Successful Prophecy, how is it unlocked?

    1. That is actually mentioned in the walkthrough but it's easy to miss. I've added a section called 'Clues' at the front of the walkthrough.

  6. I have got all the endings except for Makeup Sex...can you help

    1. As the walkthrough says, you have to have had a hot date NOT "Did it all"

    2. there's no hot date just "hot tub date". what do i choose specifically

    3. Check the prequel section at the beginning of the walkthrough:

      "There are three types of pre-configured date: a hot date (ie a date that ended in sex; these are marked with an asterisk), an ordinary date that didn't end in sex, or a bad date (although only one of them is so bad that Ariane won't date you again)."

  7. how do i get the princess valena sex ending

    1. That is the 'Gamer Girl' ending, which is described in the walkthrough.

  8. Can someone help me with the "rachel skinny dipping at night" ending? i answer all the questions correct on the trivia contest but she still doesn't win and i don't know what to do :(

    1. Even if you answer all the questions correctly, Rachel won't win. All you need to do is win the first round and get to the finals. I've updated the walkthrough so it's less misleading.

  9. How to go to the Comic Convention with Rachel someone answer pls

    1. You have to talk to Rachel about books, and then ask her about Sci-fi & Fantasy OR graphics novels. If you do that she will invite you to the Fantasy Fest:

  10. sorry but i haev a question there is no hot date in the options what else to choose

    1. hot dates are marked with an asterisk (*)

  11. In the player notebook I am missing several items, 2 for Ariane and 1 for Wendy. On Ariane's sheet there is the a line under MECHANICAL SKILLS, then for the part about Rebecca, I have dinner and the concert, I am missing that last blank. On Wendy's sheet I am missing the blank under the tough workout. Help?

    1. The line under "Has some mechanical skills" is triggered while hanging out with Lydia (go and get the beers yourself).

      For the other one, you have to direct 'Arch Angel' to go to the nightclub.

      For Wendy's one, you need to wimp out of the workout (negotiate every time she asks you to do something).

  12. I'm missing three items from the notebook, 2 for ariane and 1 for rebecca. for ariane I'm missing two lines that are under her age, for rebecca I'm missing a line under 'saw her at the gym'.

    1. All of those are from the conversation where you have ice cream with Ariane and Rebecca. Basically ask them what they did at college.

  13. I'm trying to get the "Getting Drunk at Ariane's Place" ending, but I keep getting the Make Up Sex one instead. Any help?

    1. I was having the same problem. I was following the walkthrough to the letter, but would always get the "Makeup Sex" ending. In most of the walkthroughs I found they all said "Set the Prequel Stuff to Did It All!!!". Finally I stumbled across the where they have very basic walkthroughs for the different episodes. It was there I discovered you can't have the Prequel Stuff set to "Did It All!!!" but to "Generic Date" under the Normal Dates section. How so many people made this mistake is beyond me, but it was frustrating to say the least. Hope this helps.

  14. I hope someone can help me.

    I got all the endings and clues unlocked, but I'm still missing two Player Notebook entries missing. One for Rachel and one for Wendy. Now I don't know if the order of the entries is different with everyone else but there's the one's I'm missing:
    On Rachel's the line is between Side hobby: Photography, has her own photo studio and Likes: Honestly.
    With Wendy it's between Works on weekends as waitress at Lizard's Nightclub and Saw her naked.

    That's the best I can describe it without typing out both entire lists.

    1. The one for Wendy relates to Bonnie, and you get it from one of her ten endings.

      The one for Rachel you should already have if you have all the endings. It's listed above as "[Rachel: erotic]"

    2. Thanks. I got last one for Wendy.

      [Rachel: erotic] that's the one where you do a nude photo shoot right? If so I did do that one and I still have a blank space.
      Here's my whole list and the order it appears in:
      Name: Rachel Spahr
      Age: 19
      College Student, undecided Science major
      Career: Super Model Spokesmodel for Loco-Coca
      On the cover of Beach Magazine
      You have seen all 7 pages of the article
      Model for comic character Arch Angel
      Side hobby: Photography, has her own photo studio
      Likes: Honesty
      Likes: People that share the same geeky interests as her
      Enjoys LARPing (Live Action Role Play)
      Likes to read, especially sci-fi/fantasy and graphic novels
      Likes Video Games, especially RPGs and FPSs
      Favorite game is Elemental Realms
      Her main character is Princess Valena
      Dislikes: Ignorant and dishonest people
      Fetish: Only has sex in a Live Action Role Play context
      Bisexual? The context of the encounter is more important than gender
      An extrovert, she likes being around other people
      Lives is a luxury 2 bedroom condo just off campus
      Drives a small fuel efficient red sports car
      She's a vegetarian and a Humanist
      concerned with environmental and global warming issues
      Has a surprising amount of knowledge about the Porn industry
      Seen her naked
      Had sex with her

      That is all the info I can think of. I've gone through you walkthrough a few times and I just can't find anything I might have missed.

    3. The line you're missing is:
      "You photographed her in very erotic nudes"

      It is triggered when you do the erotic photoshoot with Rachel *if* you've previously asked her if she's willing to do nude work.

  15. I can't get "Getting Drunk at Ariane's Place" no matter which prequel settings I use. Its the only ending I'm missing....

  16. I just noticed an error with your walkthrough.

    In the DRAMA section for the movies, if you invite Rebecca to sit with you, you need to have the 'Prequel Settings' NOT set to "Did It All." If it is set to "Did It All," you won't find out about the girls' college time, it will skip over the conversation and go straight to "Ending: Ariane and Rebecca."

  17. I'm having trouble with completing Ariane's and Rachel's notebook entries.

    For Ariane, I'm missing the line between - "Likes: To be daring..." and "Sexual Orientation..."

    For Rachel, "I have seen _______ of the article."

    I've been over the walkthrough several times, but can't seem to figure it out. Its probably something simple, but I'd appreciate the help. If you can't help, don't worry too much, its not THAT important.

    Thanks for your time and thanks for the walkthroughs!!

    1. Sorry, I never got around to adding in all the achievements.

      The first one is earned when Ariane gets into an argument with the blonde girl at the bar *if* Ariane didn't strip during the first date (ie. any of the prequel date options except Did It All, Strip Club Lost, Strip Club Won, Dance and Lost, Strip To Undies Won, or Strip Nude and Won)

      For the second one, you need to have seen all three of the Rachel magazine articles: at the salon when she's getting her makeover, given by Rachel after she and the PC have dinner if you didn't score enough points with her and know that she's a model, given by Rachel after seeing the action movie if you intervene with the guy taking pictures of her.

      Hope that helps.

    2. It does. Thanks. I saw the action film AND didn't get enough points on the same run, so it only gave me one.

  18. Erm... I'm missing a line. It's for Ariane. I'm missing the line between "Had sex with her for the first time on the second date" and "You and Ariane had a threesome with Lydia".
    Have no clue what I should do to figure it out.
    Can you help me?

    1. I can work this out (by examining the decompiled files), but unfortunately I'm traveling at the moment so it'll be a week or so before I can get to it.

    2. The line you're missing is "Had butt sex with her".

      It should be part of the Blackout Fun ending. Whether or not it's an option is determined by whether you're using the "Did It All!" setting.