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Walkthrough: Tesliss Equation by GoblinBoy

The Tesliss Equation is an AIF game by GoblinBoy, which was released on 19 December 2012. You can download it from

The design of The Tesliss Equation gives the player little chance to wander off track, as the scenes occur in a predetermined order that cannot be changed. There are also very few traditional text adventure puzzles. Instead the player mainly affects the story through menu-based choices and by deciding who to have sex with.

Consequently, this will not be a step-by-step walkthrough. Instead I will try to describe each scene with the general aim of keeping all three hidden endings available until the end of the game. Other paths will be noted where possible.
Reading the comic book in the nurse's office after each scene will help you to determine the effects of your actions in the 'real' world.

Big thank you to Phillip Miley on aifarchive, who was the first to report how to see through the illusion.

The Special Hidden Endings
As with most of GoblinBoy's recent games, there is a code word that allows the player to view all of the pictures in the game. To learn this word, the player needs to find all three of the 'hidden' endings.

Hidden Ending 1
This has three main requirements:
1) The PC must resist the temptations that Lyra puts in his path. That means that he must not have sex with Chrissy or Miss Joliffe.
2) He must see through the illusion (see 'Piercing the illusion' below).
3) He must have sex with Lyra in Groldar's fortress, and then not kill her.

However, there is an exception to 1. If the PC has seen through the illusion but gives the complete formula to Miss Smith rather than confronting Jessica, then the last of the photos Miss Smith gives the PC (which require him to have answered the initial questions in science class) will have a little girl looking through the window (just as with Jessica). This means that you can get this hidden ending even if you have had sex with all the female characters (at the price of Groldar obliterating all human life).

Hidden Ending 2
To get this ending the PC must be on good enough terms with both Kitty and Rocket, that they are willing to share him at the end of the game. He must also have had gotten Lyra pregnant, and then convinced her to join him, Kitty and Rocket.

This is possibly the easiest hidden ending to get because there are a lot of different ways to achieve the requirements. For example, if you reveal the formula, Groldar will use it to obliterate all human life. While this might seem like a bad thing, it does make Kitty and Rocket more willing to share you since the future of the human race is in the balance. You can have had sex with every female character in the game, including drugging Emily, and they will still be willing. The only exception is if you lied to Emily about having sex with Rowena.

Hidden Ending 3
To get this ending the PC must be on good enough terms with both Kitty and Rocket that they are willing to share him, without having revealed the formula.

This means that you must declare your feelings to the two girls whenever you're given the opportunity (Rowena in the changing room, Emily in the library, Rocket in Groldar's fortress). However, you must also avoid making them jealous by having sex with either of them.

Make a note of the word you get with each ending, and the order in which they are supposed to be placed. Combine them into a single word and you'll have a command that allows you to view all of the game's pictures. 

Piercing the illusion
The illusion created by Lyra has a number of inconsistencies. If you notice enough of them, you will be able to see the baseball bat on your final visit to the nurse's office. You can use the bat to attack Jessica, and get information out of her.

All of Lyra's avatars have green eyes, so examine the eyes of every female character (including 'Rowena' when she comes into the nurse's office; ask her about them as well). You will eventually get a comment about how there seem to be an unusual number of green-eyed women at school.

Examine the photos on Jessica and Miss Joliffe's desks (you will need to examine the desk first). You will notice that they both seem to have been taken at the same time and place.

Additionally, the false memories that Lyra has implanted in Hiro about himself aren't very detailed. You will notice this if you think about 'me' 'family', 'father', 'mother', 'sister'. Likewise, if you ask Emily or Rowena about 'family' you will get a suspicious response.

The formula 
At various points during the game, the NPCs will try to trick, persuade or force the PC into revealing the solution to the Tesliss equation. At the beginning of the game, the PC knows none of the five parts of the solution, but certain actions will increase his knowledge.

The actions I have confirmed as increasing the PC's knowledge of the formula are as follows:
1) Having sex with Chrissy
2) Having sex with Miss Joliffe
3) Having sex with Rowena
4) Bringing Jessica to orgasm after telling her about Rowena
5) Receiving a blowjob from Jessica
6) Obeying Miss Smith's orders in the second science class


Class 1 (science)
There's not much you can do during science class, although you should examine Miss Smith's eyes (and any other part of her that takes your interest), since you may not get another opportunity. You can also think about any topic that takes your fancy (eg. Emily x7, Rowena x6, Miss Smith, Miss Joliffe, Robert, Lilian, me, family, mother, father, sister, school, formula)

Correctly answering the two questions about the Lorentz equation is required to get the extra pictures from Miss Smith (including the one that shows the little girl).

When you exit the class there will be a cut scene. After it finishes you will be able to talk to Emily and Rowena. You should talk to them and ask them about things (eg. family) now, as there will be limited opportunities later. You could also examine their eyes so that you know what colour they're supposed to be.

Nurse's office 1
Examine Jessica's eyes (and any other part of her that takes your interest), as well as the photo on her desk (you will need to examine the desk first). You should also read the comic book if you want to know what really happened in the last cut scene.

Lie on the bed and follow instructions until you're given the choice of whether or not to take the performance enhancing injection. Doing so will make it much easier to defeat Robert in the boxing match, but there don't seem to be any plot effects either way (the comic will be the same no matter how you beat him).

Class 2 (gym)
If you took the injection it will be straightforward to defeat Robert, as the descriptions will strongly hint at what he's going to do next. Alternatively, you can beat him 'fairly' by liberal use of the undo command.

I'm not certain what plot effects defeating Robert has, but nearly every other character comments on it positively and it seems like the best thing to do given what's actually happening.

While the match is occurring, Lilian will be posing in the background. Examine her eyes if you can avoid being hit too much. You can also try to examine other parts of her body. The pictures will vary according to Lilian's pose at the time.

Nurse's office 2
If you wait one turn, 'Rowena' will come into the nurse's office. Examine her eyes and then ask her about them. You could also ask her about her family to make it even more obvious that she's not who she appears to be.

Once she leaves, read the comic book (to see what really happened during the boxing match) and wait until Jessica returns. Follow her instructions.

Class 3 (psychology)
Examine Miss Joliffe's eyes (and any other part of her that takes your interest). Examine Chrissy's eyes when you get the opportunity (before she closes them).

Merely volunteering does not affect the hidden endings. Miss Joliffe will end the class if you try to remove Chrissy's panties or bra, but you can unzip and enjoy a brief blowjob. There is also enough time to rub her pussy to orgasm if that's all you do.

After the class finishes, examine the photo on Miss Joliffe's desk (you will have to examine the desk first). You should get a comment about there being something odd about it.

You can also enjoy a full scene with Chrissy and then a non-interactive scene with Miss Joliffe (if you volunteered), or just Miss Joliffe's scene (if you didn't volunteer). However, doing so will block off the first hidden ending, so save first if you want to explore those scenes. After her scene, Miss Joliffe will ask who you really wish you were fucking, but that seems to be mainly to encourage you towards Rowena.

Class 4 (library)
You will have another opportunity to talk to Emily here, although if you've done anything with the other female characters it's probably better not to mention it. I usually just compliment her until the menu options come up.

It's important that you at least hint at your feelings for Emily at this point (ie. choose option b or c). This is required for both the scene with Emily at her house, and for the hidden endings involving Kitty.

Nurse's office 3
There's not much for you to do here except read the comic book (to see what actually happened during your conversation with Emily) and follow Jessica's instructions. Once she strips down you have two turns to examine individual bodyparts.

Class 5 (pool)
Having sex with Rowena will block off several of the hidden endings, so you should save here if you want to explore that path.

Either ask Rowena about her eyes or examine them. You can also examine her breasts, which she seems to like.

When the menu conversation starts I normally choose the following options (variations are possible):
a) "Well, what did you want to talk to me about?"
a) "Well, it's still nice to see you."
b) "I'm just... trying to say that I really like you, Rowena."
a) Wait for her answer
c) Just kiss her
Then wait and watch her changing. Choose a) Go into the changing room with her.

From this point there are a number of outcomes:
If you pick 'b) Apologise and leave', Lilian will appear in the playing fields later (h/t bof.hell) and the hidden endings will be unaffected.
If you pick 'a) Try to make out with her' and then 'b) Be the voice of reason and stop this here', Lilian will not appear, but the hidden endings will not be affected.
If you pick 'a) Give Rowena what she wants and fuck her', the hidden endings involving Rocket and Kitty will be blocked off (unless you reveal the formula, in which case you can still get the second hidden ending).

Nurse's office 4
If you tell Jessica about what you did in the changing room it will trigger a partial scene with her. How far Jessica is willing to go will depend on how far you went with Rowena (if you just looked, Jessica will let you kiss her and touch her breasts; if you deflowered Rowena, Jessica will let you rub her pussy until she orgasms). Otherwise, just read the comic book (to see what actually happened with Rowena).

As you leave, Jessica will offer you an aphrodisiac to use on Emily. You can accept it or not at this point, but you'll eventually end up with the aphrodisiac no matter what you do.

Class 6 (break)
If you avoided doing anything with Rowena at the pool (see above) Lilian will approach you as soon as you enter the playing fields. You can take Lilian up on her offer or walk away (you could also examine her eyes if you haven't already). Having sex with her will not block off the first hidden ending. It is also the only time that you will actually be having sex with Lyra in the real world (her other avatars being mental illusions), so this is one of two opportunities to get her pregnant.

If you reject Lilian (or she doesn't appear to begin with) there will be a cut scene where Robert and his cronies threaten Rowena to get you to reveal the formula. The scene plays out the same way whether you do or not.

Nurse's office 5
Read the comic book (to find out what really happened on the playing fields) and then lie on the bed. When you stand up, Jessica will treat you to a little oral action. Letting her finish doesn't negatively affect any of the endings. You can also interact with Jessica to a limited extent (clothed kissing and touching).

If you've picked up enough clues to see through the illusion, there will be a baseball bat here. The 'best' option is to attack Jessica with it (see below). However, that jumps you to outside Groldar's fortress meaning that you miss science class and Emily's house, so you should save here so that you can explore both paths.

attack Jessica
b) Keep asking her questions
b) Ask what you will get in return
a) Hit her with the bat (the other option triggers a non-interactive scene that ends the game)

Attacking Jessica plays out slightly differently depending on whether or not you've had sex with Miss Joliffe or Chrissy. If you haven't, you will see a little girl looking in the window in the last picture Jessica shows you. This means that you've fully pierced the illusion and perceived the good that is still in Lyra, which is necessary for the first hidden ending.

Class 7 (science)
The safest thing (for the rest of the world anyway) is for you to leave as soon as class is over. However, if you want to play around a bit, you have a choice between answering immediately or letting Miss Smith try to persuade you.

If you do answer immediately and you know all five parts of the formula, Miss Smith will give you some pictures of herself and then move on to the interactive scene. If you've seen through the illusion, you will be able to see a little girl in the final picture. You can ask Miss Smith about the photos, but unlike with Jessica this will not lead to anything.

However, if you want to play hard to get or you don't know any of the formula, then you can let Miss Smith try to persuade you. Each of licking her tits, receiving oral sex, performing oral sex, fucking her pussy, and fucking her ass will increase your knowledge of the formula. After each action she will ask if it has jogged your memory. You can claim ignorance twice, but if you do so a third time the scene will end. Once you've given Miss Smith the formula, you will move on to an interactive scene.

Emily's house
Even if you refused Jessica's aphrodisiac earlier, it will be available here. You can choose to drug Emily's drink with it and then have sex with her. If you do, Emily will eventually suggest that you have sex with an unconscious Rowena. Doing so leads to a bad ending. If you refuse and try to leave, you will jump to inside Groldar's fortress but both Kitty and Rocket will be unconscious.

Alternately, you can do things the natural way. If you declared your feelings in the library, you will need to compliment her before she's willing to kiss you. If you merely hinted at your feelings, you will need to flirt with her as well.

After the sex scene, Emily will start asking you about what's happened during the day. She will be upset if you admit to having sex with Lilian, Jessica, Miss Joliffe or Miss Smith, but there won't be any long-term repercussions. However, if you had sex with Rowena and lie about it to Emily now, Kitty will reject you after Groldar is defeated (even repopulating the world isn't enough to convince her). Even if you tell her the truth, Kitty will still be angry about it later.

If you completely avoid her questions, you will go to sleep only to be woken late at night with Emily gone. If you go downstairs, Jessica will make one last attempt to persuade you to give up the formula (unless you've already done so, in which case she will be here to 'reward' you). If you refuse you will get the bad ending (as if you had drugged Emily and raped Rowena). If you accept Jessica's offer, you will get to enjoy an interactive scene with her before the bad ending.

You can also trigger the jump to inside Groldar's fortress at any time by telling Emily about the unusual things that have happened that day.

Groldar's fortress
Below is a map to help you find your way around. Note that there is an error in the description of the room east of the altar room which omits one of the exits. If you saw through the illusion, you will start on the rope bridge west of the entrance (not included on the map).

Created with Trizbort
Thinking about Kitty (x7), Rocket (x6) and Lyra (x6) you will unlock additional conversation options with them concerning their pasts.

If you drugged Emily, both Kitty and Rocket will be unconscious and you won't be able to wake them. That does mean that you can do whatever you want with them if that's your thing. However, if you leave unconscious girls alone in the altar room, any monsters who wander in will rape them.

If Kitty is conscious, you can wake Rocket by getting Kitty to scout the dungeon and then kissing Rocket (which you won't be able to do when Kitty is present). For the hidden endings involving Rocket and Kitty you should choose the following conversation options when you talk to Rocket:
2) Ask her about your relationship
a) Tell Rocket you love her too
You should also ask Rocket about the pleasure beaches and her blonde friend, as her answers are more revealing when Kitty is absent.

The easiest way to overcome the wandering monsters is simply to wait for them in the altar room. That way you'll have Kitty's help to defeat them (if she's conscious), and Rocket won't be left unguarded. However, there are a few monsters who don't venture into the altar room.

The first place you should go is the armoury to pick up the ice sword. This makes combat quite a bit easier.

Next go north towards the treasure room. An orc should be wandering about (although he does sometimes come into the altar room). Kill him and search the body for a key. Use this to unlock the chest in the treasure room and take the dildo.

In the easternmost room you will encounter Lyra. Defeat her like a normal monster, and then choose the following options:
a) Tell her you will spare her in exchange for information
b) Kill her anyway (if Kitty is present you should spare Lyra, as you won't be able to do the next step)
b) Fuck her

At this point you can also talk to her normally, which fleshes out her and Hiro's past, as well as asking her about the details of her plan. When you've done everything you can, you will get two options. Pick a) Say you have had enough now (unless there are things you still want to do, such as using the dildo) and then b) Let her go. Note that you will now have a new conversation options with Kitty concerning Lyra.

The dildo needs to be used on a female character in order to activate it. If you have sex with Lyra (as above), she will be more than happy to help you. Rocket will also help you if you've declared your feelings for her (you will need to get her alone before you can ask her). Kitty will require the most convincing (even if you've already had sex with her), but demonstrating the dildo on the statue should be enough. Next fuck the statue (accessible from the pit room) with the dildo to wake Melissandre. This is optional, but it makes the battle with Groldar a lot easier.

Finally, enter Groldar's throne room from the room Lyra was in (go up). If you're on course for the hidden endings involving Kitty, there will be a brief cut scene where she admits her feelings for Hiro.

Defeating Groldar will be easier if you awoke Melissandre, as she will appear when either you or Groldar are on zero hit points (and Groldar's hit points are lower). You can still defeat Groldar without Melissandre, but it takes a lot longer (and is probably impossible without using undo) and doesn't seem to have any plot effects.

Ideally you should save just before defeating Groldar, as this will allow you to explore all the ending options available to you. The choice Melissandre offers doesn't seem to have any plot effects, so it's between you and your conscience if you want to have sex with her.

After you've returned to the real world, you will be give a series of choices to make.

Hidden Ending 1
d) Choose neither
a) Forgive her and take her back

Hidden Ending 2
c) Choose both
b) Try and convince her to join you, Kitty and Rocket  

Hidden Ending 3
c) Choose both
c) Reject her

You can also get Kitty alone, Rocket alone, Kitty & Lyra, and Rocket & Lyra, but these do not count as hidden endings.


  1. Can you do Pervert Action: future next?

    Thank for the walkthroughs btw, its very appreciated

    1. You're welcome.

      I'm afraid I don't have any immediate plans to do a PAF walkthrough though. For various reasons I didn't get around to playing it until 3 or 4 days after it was released, by which time most things had been spoiled on aifarchive, so there would be very little original work in any walkthrough I wrote.

  2. This is super helpful! Thanks so much for doing it!

    There seems to be a small ambiguity or contradiction in it, though, that you might want to fix.
    Under "Class 6 (Break)" it says that sex with Lilian won't block the first hidden ending. However, the last paragraph of the next section, "Nurse's Office 5" at least strongly implies that sex with Lilian *does* block the first hidden ending.

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I've checked my save games, and having sex with Lilian definitely doesn't block the first hidden ending, so that last paragraph in "Nurse's Office 5" was wrong (probably left over from an earlier version). I've corrected it now.

  3. Does having sex with Emily, Lilian, or Lyra block any of the hidden endings? On my second playthrough (my first following your info here) they were the only ones I had sex with because I couldn't quite tell, but it seemed like it didn't block off any of the hidden endings... but I don't *think* I had access to any of them at the end. I definitely couldn't do 2 or 3 since "choose both" wasn't even an option (just "try for a threesome" which fails horribly) and I tried picking the options for 1, but it didn't seem to do anything special (and I didn't see anything that seemed to be part of the code word)

    1. Having sex with Emily blocks off the hidden endings because it means that you haven't seen through the illusion (and attacked Jessica). I think you could still end up with both Kitty and Rocket if you need to repopulate the world.

      As far as I can remember, having sex with Lyra or Lilian shouldn't affect the hidden endings.

  4. Ah, okay. I suspected it was Emily that was the problem. Good thing I made saves along the way, as you recommended. :)
    If I could make a suggestion though? It might be good if you make it clear in that section that attacking Jessica is necessary for any of the hidden endings.

    But all in all, this is an awesome walkthrough. :) I'm sure it's a lot more work, but I like walkthroughs in this style SO much more than those that are little more than lists of commands.

  5. Tell me how to pass a Class 1 (science) (right wording replies)

  6. How do I get kitty to scout the dungeon?

    1. From memory, if you try to leave the altar room you will get a list of options.

  7. I know that some of the creators of AIF have websites and it is easy to directly thank them for the games they make. As for Goblinboy, he does not and it is very difficult to let him know how much I enjoy playing his games. I do know that he sometimes reads items from various sites, I just hope that he sees all the good things people say about his games. I would not like it if all he saw were the comments that 'nit-pick', you know, the done this instead of that type of comment. His games are just plain fun. Well written and planned, illustrated with unique game play. He puts quality into all he does. The games should be played for the game, not played to be 'nit-picked'. I for one hope that he gets to see this, so he knows that someone out here enjoys the games he makes for the games themselves, not to be dissected.

    1. I'm glad you're enjoying GoblinBoy's games, although he's unlikely to see your comments since as far as I know he's never visited either of my blogs (your best bet would be the aifarchive Yahoo group, since he actually posts there).

      However, I must respectfully disagree with your comment that his games shouldn't be 'nit-picked'. While I agree that feedback that is negative for the sake of being negative should be avoided, I think that constructive criticism is to be encouraged since it's a big part of why today's games are as good as they are.

      In the unlikely event that I ever release a game, I hope that it's 'nit-picked' to Hell. Otherwise how will I ever know what worked and what didn't?

  8. I'm Italian and I do not speak English well, I got the treasure room and I can not open the chest, writhe open chest with gold key (not open) put key in chest (not open) use key on chest (not open) please help me send me correct command thanks

    1. Now that I'm venturing into these great games (I thank those who are working hard to keep us entertained) I came across files.taf and do not have the program to open them know that you have just joined and already cheido all this aid but if you want me a hand thank you in advance

    2. 'unlock' is the verb you're looking for. 'unlock chest' or 'unlock chest with gold key' should work.

      .taf files are for ADRIFT. Unfortunately there are three different versions of ADRIFT (3.9, 4.0 & 5) and you need a different program for each.

      If you're unfamiliar with interactive fiction, I'd recommend reading my AIF Player's Guide ( and AIF FAQ (

    3. thankssssssssssss since there are too if you do not dirturbo I could consigiare titolidi games similar to this or maybe even better?

  9. where can I find the statue in the fortress? I'm about to use the golden dildo

    1. "Next fuck the statue (accessible from the pit room) with the dildo to wake Melissandre."

      Accessible in this case means going 'down' from the pit room.

  10. Let me first say thanks for putting up with walkthrough. Also, I might've found another ending. While I thought I was on track for the 3rd Hidden Ending, and though I ended up with both Kitty and Rocket, I didn't get 3 secret letters or notification of this being a Hidden Ending. I'll try and keep this short: Stay chaste for most of the game up until the final science class, fuck Miss Smith to reveal the equation, go to Emily's, fuck her in her room without using drugs, wait for Emily to ask what Miss Smith wanted, tell Emily that I revealed the equation [this pierces the illusion and I didn't go all the way with Rowena]. So now Groldar's fortress: get the ice sword, kill all the monsters, get the dildo, find the statue send Kitty away to wake Rocket, proclaim my love for Rocket, fuck Rocket with the dildo, fuck the statue, let Lyra go, watch the goddess defeat Groldar, fuck the goddess, and then I get a threesome with Kitty and Rocket, without any option of me choosing. Two and a half years pass, no Lyra, but I have 4 kids.

    1. "then I get a threesome with Kitty and Rocket, without any option of me choosing"

      That would be because of the need to repopulate the world, which overcomes a lot of their objections. As mentioned above, you can have had sex with every female character in the game, including drugging Emily, and they will still be willing. The only exception is if you lied to Emily about having sex with Rowena.

      To have Lyra join you (hidden ending 2) I think you would have needed to resist her illusions (ie. not fucked Miss Smith).

    2. Thanks for taking the time to clarify this. And on a side note, entering the command "jump" is more amusing than "wait".

  11. What is the verb for fisting Ms. Smith?

    1. There isn't a specific verb. Just 'rub pussy' until she orgasms, at which point she says "I can take more than that in my snatch", which is a hint to try again.

      You can also 'rub ass' and 'rub pussy and ass'

      NB. It's possible there are more pictures in the game than are actually accessible.

  12. Great walkthrough, thank you. I have one question though. How do you get to Groldar's fortress after drugging emily? Telling her what you did does not seem to do it, and if I fuck her she just wants me to rape the sleeping Rowena, which gives the bad ending.

  13. new to these types of games..whats the command to leave the classroom at the beginning? ive tried everything i can think of.

  14. The word you're looking for is 'east'

    By tradition, text adventures use compass directions for moving around, which can be a bit confusing for newcomers. Generally any exits from a room should be mentioned in its description (in this case "The exit to the rest of the school is to the east")

    For a fuller description of all the common commands, see the AIF Player's Guide on my other blog (link top right).

  15. how do you fight the monsters in the last part when you have the sword?

    1. Attack [person] with [weapon]

      Check the readme file for any non-standard commands

  16. Hey, thanks for the walkthrough!
    The option to ask Rocket about our relationship isn't coming up for me. Any idea where I might have gone wrong?

    1. What did you say to Rowena at the pool?

      My guess would be that you have to at least admit your attraction for her for there to be a relationship with Rocket to talk about (as Hiro and Rocket are having a similar conversation in the 'real' world).

    2. Hm, I could have sworn I admitted my attraction at the pool. Anyway, I went into the lockers and kissed her this time around, and got the option.Thanks for the quick reply.

  17. Thanks for this man. I was going fucking insane trying to decipher how to open the god damn chest. I tried everything, open chest, search chest, use key in chest, use gold key in lock, even fuck chest with gold key, but nothing worked. Until I finally noticed your "unlock" comment. Saved my (Hiro's, rather) life. Thanks a bunch.

    1. You're welcome.

      On the strength of that I finally got around to changing the walkthrough so that it says to unlock the chest rather than open it.

  18. How to enter the pit to get to statue?

    1. Got it... But now I am not able to find the entrance to throne room.
      Thanks a lot for the walkthrough anyways... :)

    2. The walkthrough mentions that you get to the throne room from the room that Lyra is in. The description of that room reads (in part) "There are exits to the north and south, as well as stairs leading up - presumably to Groldar's throne room itself."

      ie, go 'up'

  19. I can't get the secret code for Hidden Ending 1. I've made it to the end several times, each time with different choices from your guide, and picked "d) Choose neither" followed by "a) Forgive her and take her back". She is pregnant and I do get her back, but it just says "The End". No code. No mention of a hidden ending.

    Usually the game state is such that I could choose either of the other two secret endings at this point.

  20. Hi, I'm not able to find the key to unlock chest. I visited all rooms, i found an orc e killed him but i don't know how obtain key..

    1. An orc should be wandering about (although he does sometimes come into the altar room). Kill him and *search* the body for a key.

      ie. search orc

  21. I have two problems:

    1. the baseball bat doesn't appear
    2. I can't bring up the required topics to talk to Rocked despite thinking about her

    1. OK, I've solved the mystery of the missing bat.

      Talking to Rocket, however, is still a challenge...

    2. What is the PC's relationship with Rocket? Is Kitty in the room? Is Rocket conscious?

      The topics that appear due to thinking about Rocket aren't required for anything, they're just extra content.

  22. during the break, I can not find Lyra. Could someone give a hint or something, thanks :)

  23. I cant get out of the bed after Rowena exits and Jessica enters

  24. Can't fuck Lyra after our battle, there only the "let her go" and "kill her" options.

    1. Did you see through the illusion. Did you see the little girl in the picture Jessica shows you?

  25. About endings, you can also get Lyra alone if you don't make a move on Emily.

    1. Thanks. I have to admit I've never tried ignoring Emily/Rowan. Is that ending much different from the other endings where you pick Lyra?

    2. My mistake making move one Emily doesn't important. Now I checked out again only difference from hidden ending 1 you don't get too see last picture (5 years later with your kid). You have to not see through illusion and have sex with Lyra at castle to get this non-hidden Lyra ending.

      Also I am having troble with getting ending 3. Even though I did declared my feelings both Emily and Rowena and didn't have sex with them just "try for threesome" choice appears at the end they both reject me.

    3. Did you declare your feelings to Rocket as well:
      2) Ask her about your relationship
      a) Tell Rocket you love her too

      Did you get a short scene with Kitty just before you fight Groldar?

  26. Yes I did that too. Anyway I managed to get hidden endings 2 and 3. I don't know if I did anything else different besides this but it seems piercing through illusion also needed hidden endings 2 and 3. I also managed to get hidden ending 2 without revealing formula.

    Anyway thanks for answer. It's surprising to get an immediate answer from 3 years old page.

  27. can someone help me? What is the command to have kitty search the dungeon so I can wake rocket?

  28. Hi, I only recently discovered the AIF games, and I'm blocked pretty soon, in "nurse's office 2" I don't know what Jessica expect me to do after Rowena left. You wrote "Follow her instructions", but I don't understand what she wants. (I'm French, so I'm struggling a bit with english...)

  29. "Ok, put your clothes back on, then."
    [ie. she wants you to remove your gym clothes, and put on your school uniform]

    >remove vest and shorts
    >wear shirt and pants

    1. Thank you for your quick answer !

  30. I'm stopped very close to the end (I suppose) because I can't find the sentences to wake the statue up. I went to the pit room with Kitty (I don't know how to ask Rocket to join me), ask her about the statue, then ask her about the dildo, but I don't know how to use the "key" with the statue (i.e. what is the sentence I have to write)

  31. The command is:
    >fuck statue with dildo

    If Kitty sees that, she will be willing to be fucked with the dildo herself, which will 'charge' it. You can then fuck the statue with the dildo again.

    Rocket may also be willing to be fucked with the dildo (she doesn't need to see the statue), depending on your relationship with her.

    Lyra is another possibility, if you've seen through the illusion.

  32. Thanks to your help, I've just finished the game (but well, I failed to save humanity... It will be for the next time !)