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Walkthrough: Virtual Date with Keeley by Tlaero and phreaky

Virtual Date with Keeley is Copyright 2010 phreaky and Tlaero

Mechanically speaking, Keeley is a reasonably straightforward game. The player gains points with Keeley by choosing options that please her (e.g. romantic gestures) and loses points for doing things she doesn't like (e.g. crude sexual advances). At a certain point in the game, the number of points the player has will be tested. If you have enough the game will proceed to a sex scene. Otherwise, Keeley and the PC will 'just be friends'. The number of points required depends on the difficulty level the player chooses at the beginning of the game. The lower the difficulty, the fewer points are needed but with the drawback that the sex scene ends more quickly.

There are four 'winning' endings. The swimming pool ending requires you to have asked Keeley if she likes swimming while at the beach. To get the other three endings (shower, apartment, hotel) you only need a sufficient number of points.

There are two other events that are triggered by the player's actions:
1. If the PC talks to Jessica on day 1, she will suggest inviting Keeley out for drinks, resulting in an additional scene
2. If Keeley and the PC encounter Keisha at the beach on day 2, Keisha will accompany Keeley and the PC to the gym on day 3 resulting in an additional scene as the PC imagines what the two girls might be getting up to in the shower. This was later expanded into Daydreaming with Keeley.


"Sure thing, Boss."
"Hi Keeley. I'm James Richardson from sales."
"The pleasure is mine, Keeley. But, please, call me James."
"I'll be sure to do that."
Stare at her ass

Go look for your co-worker
"Hi Jessica. Have you met the new girl? Keeley something"
"Beautiful girl. I wonder if she's available" (+1)
"Thanks Jess!"
"Oooh, I like smart women." (+1)
"Think we should take Keeley out for a drink to welcome her?"
"See ya."
Check e-mail
Check with accounting
"I'll bet Jessica hasn't shown you where it is yet. Let me help." (+1)
Look at her closely
"Sorry, can't help staring. You're very beautiful" (+1)
"Thanks Keeley."
Go find your coworker, Jessica
"Let's take Keeley out for drinks."
Go with Keeley and Jessica

"It's Jess's favorite." OR "We come here after work fairly often."
"Naw. We're just good friends."
"Jess and I have known each other for a long time. You're only allowed to believe half of the things she'll tell you about me."
"Half of each. Jess will embellish because you're prettier than she is." (+1)
Go home OR "Good night you two"
Sleep until the next day

Go look for Keeley
"Happy Friday, Keeley. Have any plans for the weekend?"
"I'd be happy to show you around."
"Sounds great. See you then."
Go home
Sleep and go to Keeley's apartment OR Call Keeley's mobile

[This is your first choice. Calling Keeley's mobile leads to the beach, which is required for the swimming pool ending and for going to the gym with Keisha. Going to Keeley's apartment leads to the first city date.]

Call Keeley's mobile
"Keeley, James here. I just saw the forecast and it's going to be hot tomorrow. Would you rather go to the beach?"
"Ok, see you tomorrow"
Sleep and go to Keeley's apartment the next day
"Oh my god!"
"You're certainly rocking that outfit."
"Just a minute. I'm male, and you're gorgeous. I've got to stare for a bit longer."
"I'd have to be blind to not appreciate you dressed like this." (+1)
"Lead on."
Compliment her body (+1)
"Let's relax for a while"
"I hope you don't mind if I stare. Everyone else is."
"If they're anything like me, they can't help it. You're beautiful." (+1)
"Well, maybe a little" (+2)
"I agree. Want to take a walk down the beach?" OR "Do you like swimming?"

[Walking down the beach leads to meeting Keisha, which in turn leads to joining her and Keeley at the gym (although you can also go there with Keeley only). Asking Keeley if she likes swimming is required for the swimming pool ending]

I agree. Want to take a walk down the beach?
Look to Keisha
Listen to them
Listen to them
"Hi there, Keisha. A pleasure to meet you"
Move a bit closer to Keeley (+1)
Carefully look at Keeley instead of Keisha.
"I've never tried. I'm game if you'll show me the ropes." (+1)
"Ok. Nice to meet you, Keisha" -> goto Apartment1

Do you like swimming?
"I have a friend who owns a place with a swimming pool. Maybe we can check it out sometime"
"Great. Now let's go back to your place" -> goto Apartment1

Kiss her goodbye (+2)
"I'd love to."
Sit on the couch with Keeley
"So, how did you end up in accounting?"
"Yes, I've heard that about you."
"Guilty. But I liked what I heard. I'm a fan of smart women." (+1)
"(Laughing) I suspect we both have the same source."
"How's that?"
"I did once, but it was a long time ago. We're just friends."
"I got a promotion and became her boss. It wouldn't have been fair to either of us to continue seeing each other."
"She got promoted herself two years later. By that time we'd been friends so long that we didn't want to jeopardize it." (+1)
"Don't get me wrong. She's hot. But she doesn't hold a candle to you."
"Don't laugh, but first time I saw you, I could hardly breathe" (+1)
"Here, just relax and let me massage your feet"
Take a peek
Focus on massaging her feet
Finish massaging her (+2)
"Okay. I really had fun today"
Go home (+1) -> goto Home1

Sleep and go to Keeley's apartment
"Hi Keeley, you look wonderful"
Kiss her cheek (+2)
"Let's go explore the city"
Go to the cinema
"How do you feel about romance?" (+1)
"I could tell you were the romantic type. Shall we?"
Slowly hold her hand
"You have a really beautiful face"
Hug her
Gently brush your hand against her breasts (+2)
Kiss her
Continue (+2)
"It was a great movie"
"You're welcome."
Go to the restaurant
"Let's have a seat"
"Yeah, it's very romantic"
Say nothing and lead her to the terrace (+1)
Hug and kiss her
Continue (+2)
Stare at her breasts
"Sorry yes. They're beautiful. I didn't mean to be rude" (+2)
"Let's go back inside"
"Yes, I love this place."
"Let's go"
Finish and go back to her apartment
Kiss her goodnight
Sleep well, Keeley (+1) -> goto Home1

Go home
Call Keeley's mobile
"Hello, Keeley. James here"
"I just want to confirm that we're going to the park tomorrow" -> goto Park OR "So, you still want me to go with you to your aerobics class?" -> goto Gym (note that the Gym will vary depending on whether or not you've previously met Keisha)

[Going to the park leads to the pool ending (if you asked Keeley about swimming previously) or the hotel ending. Going to the gym leads to the home and shower endings.]

"Ok, see you then"
"You look gorgeous in that dress"
"It's especially nice with you here"
"Let's sit down over there" [if you asked Keeley about swimming on the previous date -> goto Pool Ending; otherwise continue]
"I guess that depends on how you feel about me. I can't stop thinking about you." (+1)
"Sure" -> goto Hotel Ending

Pool Ending
"Well, remember my friend who owns a swimming pool?"
"He's out of town and said I could borrow the place. Want to go swimming in a private pool?"
Go to the pool.
I will too.
Dive in
"And we've got the place to ourselves"
Kiss her
Continue (+2)
"Let's play a game. You ask me a question. If I answer correctly, you have to give me a reward"
"Good. So give me your question"
[doesn't matter]
"I think it should be reversed. You take it off. Then I can guess correctly"
Kiss her again
While she's distracted, try to remove her top (requires 5/11/17)
"Come on, let's just swim naked"
"Hey, wait up!"
Swim after and catch her
Follow her to the side of the pool
Kiss her body
"I'm coming out. What say you heat yourself up a bit?"
Continue (requires Medium or higher difficulty)
"I'll take over from there. Though part of me could use some warming now..."
Let her suck your cock
Continue (requires Hard difficulty)
Fuck her doggie style
Pound her
Notice that she's looking at the water
Pick her up and carry her into the pool
Pump her in the water.
Guide her hips in and out
Stare at her breasts submerging and breaking the surface.
Pump harder
Cum inside her
(Clutch her tightly against you and hold her)

Gym (without Keisha)
"Ok, see you then"
"You bet I'm ready" (+1)
Move with her
Move with her
Move with her
"Let's go faster. Turn on the music." (+1)
Do the aerobic steps with her
Do the aerobic steps with her (+1)
Kiss her
"You're even sexier when sweating like that" (+2)
"Let's get changed and go to my place" -> goto Shower Ending

Gym (with Keisha)
"Ok, see you then"
"Let's move!"
Follow the moves
Follow the moves
Follow the moves
Suggest she take a shower
Just wait here
Imagine that you sneak into the women's locker room
Take a look
Keep looking
Keep looking
Keep looking
Keep looking
Keep looking
Keep looking
Keep looking
Keep looking
Keep looking
Keep looking
Keep looking
Keep looking
Go before they realize you're peeping (+2) -> goto City2

Finish and go back to her apartment -> goto Apartment Ending
Go to your apartment -> goto Shower Ending

Hotel Ending
Kiss her (+2)
Fondle her tits
"I have an idea. Let's hit the city" (+2)
"Ok, I'll wait here"
Compliment her
"You're perfect. Let's go" (+1)
Go to the nightclub
"Let's dance"
"You're making me hot"
"When dancing with such a stunningly gorgeous woman? It's inevitable."
Continue (+2)
"Let's get out of here"
Go to the hotel
Approach and kiss her passionately (requires 5/11/17)
Fondle her tits
Take off her dress
"My God, such beautiful tits"
Kiss her
Pull out your cock
"Stroke it"
Watch her stroke your cock
Continue (requires Medium or higher difficulty)
"Put it in your mouth, Keeley"
"Ohhh.. That feels good.. I'm going to cum" (requires Hard difficulty)
Take her to bed
Fuck her
Fuck her
Fuck her
Fuck her harder
Cum inside her

Apartment Ending
Kiss her passionately
"Why don't you slip into something more comfortable?"
Continue (requires 5/11/17)
"I want to see your ass in those panties."
"You know that I've been staring at that every time you've walked away from me, don't you?"
"Well, you have quite distracting ... assets in front."
"If I must..."
Remove her panties (requires Medium or higher difficulty)
"You are an angel, baby"
Lick her pussy
Fuck her
Fuck her harder
Continue (requires Hard difficulty)
Continue to fuck her
Fuck her missionary style
Cum inside her

Shower Ending
"Thanks. Make yourself at home. I need to take a quick shower"
Go take a shower
Take a shower (requires 5/11/17)
Look at her
"God, yes."
"They're perfect."
"If you insist."
Suck those tits
Work your way down
Move lower
Kiss her pussy
Suggest she suck your cock
Stroke her hair
Watch her suck your cock (requires Medium or higher difficulty)
Fuck her
Continue (requires Hard difficulty)
Fuck her from behind
Keep pumping
Fuck her harder
Cum inside her
"Wow, that was amazing."


  1. For some reason this is the most viewed page on this blog by a considerable margin (ie. more than twice as many views as the next most viewed page).

    It's all the more bizarre when you consider that I posted it almost a year after the game was released.

  2. I guess it's due to Mikandi ( the adult apps platform for Android devices ).

    This game is avaible ( and Also daydreaming With keeley and Keisha )

    1. I see that they're listed as "unofficial", although it would be more accurate to say "illegal".

      Basically the story behind that is that some guy decided to port Tlaero & phreaky's games to Android without bothering to ask their permission. Tlaero in particular was quite upset and considered not making another game.

      This has been brought to the pirate's attention, but as you can see he hasn't bothered to remove the games or even to give credit to the actual authors.

  3. Nice.. This is the best walkthrough


    1. Which part of the walkthrough are you referring to?

      If it's the shower ending, you're supposed to take a shower.

  5. I cant find the hotel afte going to the night club, can you tell me where is the hotel?

    1. Do you mean that you cannot find the 'hotspot'? It's slightly to the right of the centre of the screen. If you're using Firefox, you could also Tab between the links.

  6. What does (requires 5/11/17) mean? I desperately want to get the HARD level ending under shower and pool.

    1. It's the number of points you require for Easy/Medium/Hard. So on Hard you would require 17 points (places where you gain points are noted as +1 above).

      BTW are you playing the original game or 'Meeting Keeley' (which combines the first two Keeley games)? I wrote a separate walkthrough for that since it differs slightly.

  7. OK. Though the player should be informed how many points he has and needs in the game.

    Did not play Meeting Keeley. Any links to the online game?

  8. Where is the hotel.. For the hotel ending

    1. The link is on the city screen, slightly to the right of centre (you can tab through the available links with most browsers)

  9. Interesting backstory about the game from the blog's owner, I had no idea that I was essentially playing a bootleg apk before reading this. Nevertheless, it is a good game and thanks for the walkthrough.

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