Friday, April 15, 2011

Walkthrough: Virtual Date Sarah by Chaotic

Before you read this walkthrough there are a couple of caveats you should bear in mind. The main one is that I wrote this walkthrough using version 1.0, which was extremely buggy. I went through the HTML files, correcting errors as I found them (and reporting them to Chaotic). Chaotic released a bugfix version several days later, but there is no guarantee that he corrected the bugs in the same way that I did. The fact that I wrote this walkthrough by looking at the HTML files is also the reason why you'll see references to some of the hidden variables that the game tracks (such as 'sarah', which is Sarah's confidence level).

The bottom line is that this walkthrough may not be 100% accurate for version 1.2. If you have any problems, the easiest way to resolve them is to look at the HTML files. Even with virtually no coding knowledge, they're not that hard to decipher. You could call that cheating, but so is looking at a walkthrough.

Ending Requirements
The nameless guy: Dress, costume or bikini must be worn; sarah must be >4
Jess: Bikini must be worn, Strap-on must be bought; jessinf must be >1; sarah must be >4
Grace: Costume must be worn; sarah must be >4; graceinf must be >1
Solo: Dildo must be bought; sarah must be >2

Day 1
"Leave your office" (day1 must be <3 or you go home instead, so exhaust all the options outside your office before doing anything in your office)

Talk to Jess
If you want to end up with Jess, compliment her (increases jessinf by 1). Otherwise, flirt with her (increases sarah by 1)
Returned to office with day1 increased by 1

Visit the boss (increases day1 by 1; only necessary if you want to end up with Grace)
Compliment her (increase graceinf by1)

Visiting the copy room or trying to talk to the guy just increases day1 by 1 for no other gain

In your office
Strip down to bra (increases sarah by 1, and day1 by 1)
Use the computer (You can choose one of the below options)
Apply for job (jobmodel, jobesc, jobstrip). Applying for a job gives you the opportunity to increase sarah by 1 in a really sleazy way. It's only really worthwhile to see the pictures.
Buy clothing (buydress or buycost). You will have to buy something to wear to the party, but you can also buy something on day 2.
Buy something naughty (buydil or buystrap) You can buy something on day2 without any restrictions. It's only worth buying something naughty now if you want to keep your options open

Compliment Jess (jessinf +1) or Flirt with Jess (sarah +1)
Compliment Grace (graceinf +1)
Strip down to bra (sarah +1)

Day 2
Go to the kitchen, then go to the store and buy some alcohol (makes Sarah uninhibited enough to enjoy a dirty movie)

Go to the lounge (if you watch music Sarah can later dance in her underwear, if you watch porn Sarah can later enjoy the dirty movie in her underwear (if she's also had a drink). Both increase sarah by 1 and end the day)

Go to the bedroom and undress. Sarah can then enjoy television more than she did earlier.
Check the post (if you ordered anything on day 1 it will have arrived)

Going out
If you visit the department store you can buy a dress, bikini or costume. If Sarah walks home in her new dress sarah will be increased by 1 and the day will end)

If you visit the sex store (which requires sarah to be >0) sarah will be increased by 1 and you can buy a dildo, strap-on or anal beads (beads have no variable associated with them)

The day will end when you finish shopping.

Visit sex store (sarah +1)
Walk home in new dress (sarah +1 and ends day)
Dance in underwear (sarah +1) or watch dirty movie in underwear (sarah +1)

Day 3
"Leave your office" (day3 must be <3 or you go home, so exhaust all the options outside your office before doing anything in your office)

If you want to end up with Grace, talk to Jess (graceles and day3 increased by 1)
If you want to end up with Jess, flirt with Jess (if you complimented Jess on day 1 and sarah >1, then jessinf increased by 1)

Visit the boss (day3 increased by 1)
Flirt with Grace (if graceless and sarah >2, then graceinf increased by 1)

Talk to guy (does nothing, but you may as well as it doesn't increase day3)

Visit the copy room
If sarah >2 then Sarah can photocopy her breasts (increases day3 by 1 and sarah by 1)

Lock door and then sit and strip to underwear (increases day3 by 1 and sarah by 1). If you don't lock the door then Grace may burst in, although the variable that is set is never tested.

Talk to Jess (graceless) or Flirt with Jess (jessinf +1)
Flirt with Grace (graceinf +1)
Photocopy breasts (sarah +1)
Lock door and strip to underwear (sarah +1)

Day 4
All you can do at your house is change your clothes. If you applied for the modelling job wear your bikini under your regular clothes. If you applied for the escort job wear your new dress. If you applied for the stripping job don't wear the new dress.

Modelling (if you're wearing the dress you'll be turned away)
If you're not wearing the bikini choose anything. You'll go home, increasing sarah by 1
If you're wearing the bikini you'll have to strip completely to increase sarah by 1 (this requires sarah >3 to begin with)

Escort (this requires you to be wearing the dress, otherwise you'll be turned away by the client)
Kiss the client (requires sarah >1) or proposition him (requires sarah >2). Either way sarah is increased by 1.

Stripping (if you're wearing the dress you'll be turned away)
Pick the costume or you'll go home without anything.
Remove tie, remove belt, remove shirt (requires sarah >2)
If you remove pants or do not have sarah >3 you'll stop stripping but sarah will be increased by 1
If you do go all the way, sarah will be increased by 1

Day 5
Talking to the guy requires sarah >4
Ending up with Grace requires wearing the costume and graceinf >1 and sarah >4
Ending up with Jess requires wearing the bikini, having the strap-on and jessinf >1 and sarah >4


    How do you visit the boss and how do you visit Grace?

  2. At the end of the day when she's in her bedroom, the only option I can find in "sleep" - any help here?

    1. Which day is it? There are several points where you have to sleep to advance to the next day.

    2. It's when she goes home after shopping

    3. If you go shopping, the day will end and you won't be able to do anything else.

      The bit about going to the bedroom was meant to be separate from going shopping, but it wasn't at all clear that it was. I've reordered things slightly to hopefully make it less misleading.

  3. i got stuck with the new version . days dont seem to make + 1