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Walkthrough: You've Got Mail by BrokenKnightX

Achievements are marked with an asterisk. Actions listed for sex scenes are non-exhaustive.
Day 1

Mail Truck
x school letter
get school letter
x oblong package
get oblong package
open glovebox
get bottle of whiskey

Convenience Store
get condoms

Abandoned Parking Lot
search junk
search couch

Kendra's Front Porch
First time visited (*Today, I let the mailman know I needed a babysitter)

Community Park
North; after visiting Kendra's Front Porch (*because even time alone in the backyard wasn't helping)

Julia's Back Yard
Climb tree; after delivering package (*Performed Market Research on Julia)

Western Block
West (*Initially, you agreed to trade some mail for an opportunity) 

North Block
North; offer magazine to Vlad

Nika's Bedroom
turn clock x2

fuck Nika; without condom

Day 2

Julia's Front Yard
show cock to julia (*Offered a Superior Phallic Product)

Julia's Living Room
get cross

Julia's Kitchen
open cupboards
get gin

Julia's Bathroom
get lotion

Julia's Bedroom
ask Julia about dance (while she is fully clothed;*Encouraged Clothing Innovation)

rub Julia's pussy (after removing her slacks, but while she is wearing her panties; she will remove them and throw them in the washing basket)
rub Julia's pussy (*Analyzed Vaginal Penetration Potential)
lick Julia's pussy (*Performed Vaginal Fluid Level Analysis)
Julia, rub cock (don't admit to Julia that you've beat off while thinking about her; *Shared Hands-on Product Evaluation) OR (admit to Julia that you've beat off while thinking about her; *Demonstrated Special Hand Cream Feature) OR (if you're still wearing your uniform; *
Business Expense Incurred: Cleaning Bill)
Julia, suck cock (don't warn Julia of your impending explosion; *Exceeded Mouth Volume Expectations) OR (warn Julia of your impending explosion; *Incentivized Julias Oral Action)
*Demonstrated Product Superiority (fuck Julia)
*Performed Customer Driven Product Demo (Julia, fuck me)
*Unauthorized Testing of Alternate Anal Feature (surprise Julia with a cock up her ass) OR *Reconfigured Product for Anal Functionality (fuck Julia's ass without having surprised her first)

Julia's Bedroom - After sex scene
get panties

North Block
North; offer Julia's panties to Vlad

Nika's Bedroom
lick pussy

fuck Nika; without condom

Day 3

Mail Truck
x damaged package
get damaged package
open damaged package
read magazine
x school letter
get school letter
x fragile package
get fragile package

Closed Wine Bar
x wine bar package
open wine bar package

Western Block

Andrea's Yard

Kendra's Kitchen
get orange juice

Andrea's Living Room
First time visited (*Mimosas, the Real Breakfast of Champions)
drink mimosa x2
(*Expanded your Knowledge of Worthless Things; listen to Andrea wax philosophical)
search bookshelf
read encyclopedia
give whiskey to Andrea (*Wishing it wasn't Whiskey)
give wine to Andrea (*Wine & Dine, without the Dine) OR give gin to Andrea (*Gin, hold the Tonic) OR give beer to andrea (*Don't ask where I got this Beer...)
Andrea, suck cock (*How About a Protein Shake?)Andrea, fuck me (*Community Cock Service)fuck Andrea (*Equality of Cock Distribution)
give rum to Andrea (*Rum-body drank too much!; Andrea passes out)
Be the good guy and leave her in peace? (*The Gentleman's Choice; you will get another achievement on day 4) OR fuck ass (*Your Ass is Mine)

Julia's Landing
East (*Enrolled Kathy in Private Sex Ed)

Kathy's Room
Ask Kathy about sex x2
Ask Kathy about breasts x2
Ask Kathy about pussy x2
Ask Kathy about cock x2 (*SEX 101: The Basics)
Kathy, rub breasts (*BR 101: Why Breasts are Great)
Kathy, rub pussy (*PS 101: Enjoying Alone Time)
rub pussy (don't put finger in ass; *PS 111: Fun With Fingers) OR (put finger in ass; *PS 112: 2 to 1, Understanding the Pink/Stink Ratio)
Kathy, rub cock (warn her before you cum; *CK 101: How to Give a Hand Job) OR (don't warn her before you cum; *CK 102: The Dangers of Exploding Cocks)
lick pussy (*PS 204: Checking Vaginal Fluids)
Kathy, suck cock (cum on her face; CK 202: Face Painting with Cum) OR (don't cum on her face; CK 205: Cum - A Woman's Delicacy)
put cross in pussy (*PS 315: The Religion of Ecstasy) OR put cross in ass (*AS 315: Blasphemy in the Bedroom)
fuck Kathy (*PS 301: Sacrificing Your Virginity)

Day 4
Agree to forge the letters for Tobi (*and later blackmailed a very desperate teenager in need of a favor)
If you didn't take advantage of Andrea (*Sometimes it Pays to be Patient)

Tobi's Bedroom
rub tits (gentle; *which was repaid by letting you do your favorite thing to her wonderful tits)
rub tits (rough; *which she repaid by letting you do two different things to her tits)
lick tits (rough; *which she repaid by letting you do three different things to her tits)
lick tits (gentle; *which she repaid by letting you do four different things to her tits)
fuck tits (gentle; *which she repaid by letting you do six different things to her tits)
fuck tits (rough; *which she repaid by letting you do five different things to her tits)
fuck tits (gentle; *which she repaid by letting you do all seven different things to her tits)

If you're predominantly gentle she will eventually reward you with a blow job. If you're predominantly rough, she will eventually offer sex to get you to stop
Tobi, suck cock (*before discovering her taste for for your cum!) OR fuck Tobi (*before ultimately pounding her pussy and fleeing from her father!)

look under bed
ask tobi about baby

North Block
North; offer Tobi's bra to Vlad

Nika's Bedroom
fuck Nika; without condom (
*You gave Nika the one thing she really wanted - a Baby)
Kendra's Front Porch
East (*and he found someone to babysit! That would have made my day already, but then he took it one step further, and offered me a wonderful massage)

Kendra's Living Room
rub back x2
rub legs x2 (*After a while he suggested a full body massage)
cum in lotion

Kendra's Bedroom
rub back x2
rub legs x2 (*and while I got ready he fetched the loveliest lotion I've ever used)
rub pussy (*His hands were like magic, and when they brought a wave of pleasure to my womanhood, I could deny him no longer)
Kendra, fuck me (*We made love with a passion that Samuel has never shown, and I felt like a queen when he let me ride on top of him) OR fuck Kendra (*We made love with a passion that Samuel has never shown, and he pounded me so hard my whole body shook.)
fuck tits (*He made love to my tits as well, something that feels shameful, but I can't deny that it was wonderful to see the pleasure on his face as he used them.)
fuck ass (*I also shared my ass with him, something I've never done before, and I must say it was quite unique!)
South (*I could have spent all day making love to him, but Samuel showed up, and my new lover barely made it out in time!)

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Walkthrough: Inspiring Celina

Inspiring Celina is a HTML dating game by Sylakone and Superawesomemans, and can be downloaded from

At the time of writing there is an error in _game.js which prevents you from getting the full ending. To fix this, open the file and search for “function checkResults()”. Then change “(end == 13)” to “(end == 1)”.


"You look busy." (Happy +1; Test +1)
"It's alright. You're probably better at this than I am."
Sit down in chair
Try to listen anyway
"Um.. Sorry, I didn't quite catch that."
"Look at her more closely"
"Continuing staring at her, half awake"
Continue Staring
"Just looking into your eyes." (Happy +1)
"Yeah... sorry about that, should probably focus on this project..." (Test +1; Happy +1)
Try and Pay attention
"You know, you're a pretty good teacher." (Confidence +2)

At this point you have two options, although ultimately it doesn't matter which one you choose

Option A
Yeah, you really have a knack for it. (Confidence +1)
"Much better than I did back in class."
"Yeah, that's why I really need to do well on this project."
"Alright!" (Test +2)

Option B
Yeah, I can't remember getting it this well when the professor was going over it. (Happy +1)
"Yeah, that's why I really need to do well on this project."
"Alright!" (Test +2)

Look at your book (Test +1)
"Yeah I got class early in the morning."
Ponder to yourself
Chase after her
"Celina! Wait!"
"I was wondering... would you... be interested in going out on a date sometime?"
"Well, you don't have to if you don't want to..."
Wait for a response
"Awesome! We can meet up for coffee this Friday at Spacebucks?"
"Cool! I'll see you then."

Get ready.
"Alright, think I'm ready."
Enter Sapcebucks.
"Buenas Dias, senorita." (Happy +1)
"I try not to have reasons for everything. Life's more fun that way." (Happy +1) OR "Well, Spanish are all romantic and stuff, and I thought it'd fit." (Confidence +1)
Try to think about what to talk about (req Confidence > 0)
"You seemed like a fun girl, so... yeah." (Happy +1) OR "Can't a guy ask a pretty girl out every now and then?" (Confidence +1)
Take a sip of your coffee.

Again, you have two different options and it ultimately doesn’t matter which one you choose.

Option A
"So, what are you studying?"
"No wonder you're such a good tutor!" (Confidence +2)
Take a sip
"Swashbuckler at your service." (Happy +1)
"It's not very well known."
"I love math, so it's a great fit." (Happy +1)
Take another sip of your coffee.

Option B
"What are your hobbies?"
"Oh, like what?"
"What about on your personal time?"
"Come on, don't worry, I won't judge." (Confidence +3)
"Ah, so you're an otaku, huh?"
"That's cool, no need to be embarrassed by it or anything." (Confidence +1) OR "That's pretty cool." (Happy +1)
"No, can't say I am."

"Me too." (req Confidence > 2)
"That sounds good to me." (Happy +1)
"Yeah, see ya."
Sit Down
Try to concentrate
"So, should we split up the work?" (Happy +1; Test +1)
"So, how should we do it?"
"Honestly, I don't feel comfortable with any of this..." (Test +2)
"Woo hoo! Finally did it."
"With you? I'm sure we will." (Happy +1)
Look back down at your work
"What do you mean?"
"How about the park?"
"Yeah, see you then."

Go out to see her.
"Hey there, beautiful." (req Confidence > 4)
"So, shall we head off?" (Happy +1; Confidence +1)
Look at her
Talk to her (Happy +1)
"So... uh... Yeah, I've got nothing, haha." (Happy +2)
"A bit."
"Haha, I guess not."
"How about the movies?"
"Let's go."

"Any idea what you want to watch?"
"How about that new animated movie?" (Happy +2)
"Awesome, let's go."
Watch the movie
Turn to Celina
Finish watching the movie
"Honestly, I didn't really like it."
"But I was with you, so it was all alright." (Happy +1)
"Haha, come on. Let's go."
Try and kiss her. (req Confidence+Happy > 14)
Stop kissing her
"Yeah... it was."
"See ya!"

Project 1
"Maybe just a little." (Happy +1)
"Yeah, you're right."
"I'm just hoping for the best."
"With you, I think passing will be a piece of cake." (Confidence +1)
"Gee, thanks."
"You got any shows you want to watch?"
"Really? That's cool. Why don't we watch that?" (Confidence +1)
"Sounds good."

Knock Knock
"Hey. Looking nice!" (Happy +1)
"Always." (Confidence +1)
Follow her
"Hey, nice place!" (Happy +1)
"Well, you've done a great job." (Happy +1)
"Let's get a bite to eat.
"Pasta's fine."
(doesn't matter)
"What can I say, I like to eat." (Happy +1)
"Thanks, it was great." (Confidence +2)
"Ah... Heheh..."
"Alright, be right back."
"Should probably see if there's any mouthwash..."
"Where is it..."
"Hm? What's this?"
"Sounds like someone isn't as innocent as she'd appear..."
Head back out to Celina
"I was born ready."
Have a seat
"Alright, put it on."
Watch it
Continue watching
Continue watching
Take a look at Celina.
Continue looking
Try to scooch over a bit.
See what she does (req Happy > 9; Confidence +2)
Wait and see what she does
Rest your head on top of hers
"Honestly... I didn't really get it." (Happy +1)
"Yeah... Guess anime isn't really my thing, huh?"
"Well, at least I got to spend more time with you." (Confidence +1)
"Ha, that might be a bonus."
"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea."
Kiss her (req Confidence+Happy > 19)
Break the kiss
"You said it." (Happy +3)

Project 2
Get your grade (req Test > 7)
Talk to Celina (Happy +1; Confidence +1)
"With you helping, I'm not that surprised." (Happy +1; Confidence +1)
Kiss her
"So am I."
"Eh. Why not." (Happy +1)
"So long, Celina."

Knock on the door
Kiss her hello (Happy +1)
Break the kiss
"Alrighty then."
Do as she says
"So, what's up, beautiful?" (req Happy > 19; Confidence +2)
"Different... how?"
"Really? You seemed pretty at ease with me." (Confidence +2)
"You what?"
Kiss back
Kiss her (Horny +1)
Kiss her
Kiss her harder
Encourage her (Horny +1)
See what she has to say
"That sounds like a great idea..."
Follow her
"Celina, are you alright?"
"So... shouldn't we, like, have protection or something?" (Horny +1)
Wait for her.
Wait for her.
"... Are you a virgin?"
"I'll be gentle." (Horny +1)
Watch her
Look her in the eyes (Horny +1)
"Celina... are you sure..."
Wait to see what she does next
"Celina, let me see your beautiful body..." (req Confidence > 9; Horny +1)
"Beautiful..." (Horny +1)
"Come over here."
"I guess so."
"Celina? You alright?"
"Alright then."
"Celina, wait..."
"You first..." (Horny +1)
Lick her
Finger her (Horny +1)
Make her cum (Horny +1)
"Think you'e ready to return the favor?"
Let her do her thing
Sit back and enjoy
Sit back and enjoy
"Ugh... Celina!"
"Celina, I'm... cumming!" (Horny +1)
"... You ready?"
Take her
Go faster (Horny +1)
Go faster (Horny +1)
Continue (req Horny > 11)
"Oh? Like what?"
"Sounds good to me."
"We really got to do it again sometime..."
"Celina... I... love you too..."

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Walkthrough: Magician's Nephew by Mister Flibble

NB. This walkthrough is a work in progress. I don't claim to have found everything in this game, hence the number of times the phrase "as far as I know" is repeated. Any additional information is welcome.

General notes

For the sex scenes, the specific acts I’ve found are noted. There may be more. In a lot of cases it's not possible to perform all of these acts in the available time (without using undo anyway).

In general this walkthrough is designed to be read sequentially. If you are expected to jump to another section, this should be noted.


Wednesday (mid-morning) - Auditions
Wait until Susan has finished her speech (you can’t do much else). Go south, and then west (you should try going east once to find out how miserable Peter's marriage to Susan would be). Go north to enter your offices.

Wednesday (late morning) – Jane’s Audition
Go west to your actual office. Open the cabinet and take the scrap book. Take the coat. Open the folder and read Jane and Ilara's applications. By this point Jane should have arrived, so go east.

Talk to Jane and introduce yourself. Explain about the job and the audition. Be honest as she'll find out if you're lying. Talk to Jane again when you move to the practice space. Again, be honest with her. Show her the scrap book when given the option (if you don’t have it for some reason, don’t ask for a moment to go get it; just end the conversation).

Once Jane is inside the Spiker, 'close spiker' twice, and then 'open spiker'. Talk to Jane and tell her that the audition is finished. Talk to Jane again. Offer her your coat if you want to be a gentleman, and tell her she's hired. Go north to the store room and 'unpack'.

Wednesday (early afternoon) – Ilara’s Audition
Go back to the entry (south x 2) to meet Ilara. Talk to her until you move through to the practice space. Talk to Ilara again and warn her about the damage to her clothes and let her undress. Then order her into the cabinet and perform the Spiker trick again (close spiker x2, open spiker). Talk to her to finish the audition.

Talk to Ilara again and tell her that she's hired. You can also pressure her into giving you a blowjob by asking how grateful she is, but be aware this will close off most of the later content with Ilara. Go back to the store room and 'unpack' again.

Wednesday (late afternoon) - Booking 1
Return to your office. Turn on the PC and 'read booking 1'. Go to the wardrobe and 'add formal', as it’s the only costume you have. Go to the store room and add whichever tricks you like. I don't know if the tricks you select affect anything, and in any case you don't have many to choose from at this point.

Finally, add either Ilara or Jane. This will affect what happens on Thursday. If you pick Jane you will end up visiting her house. If you pick Ilara you can go to the beach with her. Go south to the restaurant.

Wednesday (early evening and night) - Restaurant
Exhaust all the topics of conversation with the manager. Tell your assistant to wear the formal costume and then perform whichever tricks you've selected.

I’m not going to cover the actual performances in detail unless there’s something unusual to note. There is an appendix at the end of this walkthrough that details how each trick is performed if you need it.

When you've finished, 'take a bow' and then exhaust all the conversation options with the manager. Then go to your bedroom (east) and 'sleep'.

If you chose Ilara as your assistant, go to Thursday (early morning) - Ilara
If you chose Jane as your assistant, go to Thursday (early morning) - Jane

Thursday (early morning) - Ilara
Leave your house and go to your offices. Read the note. At some point Ilara will arrive and invite you to come to the beach with her. Accept.

Thursday (mid-morning) – Ilara at the beach
When you get to the foreshore, 'wait' a turn until Ilara arrives. Then go west and then south. Ilara will change into her bikini (this takes several turns) and then ask you to help her with the tanning oil: 'get oil' and then 'rub oil on ilara' three times. Then 'rub oil on breasts' and finally 'rub oil on pussy'
[ Very thoroughly rubbed Ilara down with oil on the beach. ]

If you forced her to give you a blowjob at the audition, she will describe this as payback, which is why she won't go any further later.

Thursday (early afternoon) – Ilara at the beach
Talk to Ilara and ask her what she's going to do. Go north, east, north and finally northeast to reach the headland. 'look through telescope' three times. You will see Susan disappearing into the dunes with a man. Go southwest, south, south again, and finally west to spy on her. Get the lubricant that she drops (this can be used with Suzi if you get Jane to dance at the Pink Flamingo).

Return to the secluded beach where Ilara is sunbathing. You can kiss her or rub her tits a couple of times, but as far as I know she won't do anything more at the moment. Talk to her to tell her it's time to leave, and go back to the foreshore, and then east to the car park.

Thursday (mid-afternoon) – Ilara at your apartment
If you didn't force her to give you a blowjob at the audition, Ilara will invite herself back to your apartment at this point. Go west to the bathroom, 'strip', and then 'enter' the shower for a sex scene. You have a limited amount of time, but the following are possible:
[ Fucked Ilara in the shower cubicle. ]
[ Received a blow job from Ilara in the shower cubicle. ]
[ Was manually pleasured by Ilara in the shower cubicle. ]
[ Went down on Ilara in the shower cubicle. ]

Fucking Ilara will end the scene automatically. 'exit' the shower and then grab anything important you may have dropped (such as the scrap book). Go to Thursday – Booking 2.

Thursday (early morning) - Jane
Go to your offices. Jane will be waiting for you outside. Talk to her to learn that she has a problem with the costumes. It's up to you to try and make her feel more comfortable (or you could ignore her, but you gain nothing by doing that). If you suggest going to your apartment, she will suggest her house instead.

Thursday (mid-morning) – Jane’s house
Follow Jane into the house and close the front door behind you. You can examine the trophies for an extra conversation topic, but I don't know if it has any other effect. Talk to Jane and try and find out if there’s anything that might make her more comfortable. Go north, open the fridge and get a wine cooler. Return to Jane and give it to her. She will now be relaxed enough to let you go into her bedroom.

Go to her bedroom. Open the wardrobe and then the dresser. You can also open the drawer to reveal her vibrator, but as far as I know you can't do anything with that at the moment. Take the jogging outfit and the teddy. Return to Jane.

Give the jogging outfit to Jane and wait for her to change. Talk to her and dare her to go jogging. When she returns you can tell her the outfit either is or isn't revealing (effects unknown).

Give the teddy to Jane and wait for her to change. Talk to her and get her to dance for you. While this is happening the gardener will arrive. When Jane has finished dancing, tell her that her dancing was pretty bad as she seems to react better to that. Then go outside (west x 2) and talk to the gardener. Return to Jane and talk to her to dare her to give the gardener a drink. Follow her, but stop at the deck. If you're not in the same location as Jane, the gardener will accidentally spray her with his hose and she will strip off. Talk to Jane again and ask her how she feels. Then kiss her.

As far as I know there's nothing else to do at this point, so say good bye and leave. Go to Thursday – Booking 2.

Thursday – Booking 2
Return to your offices (the time of day will vary according to what you’ve done previously). Read the note if you haven’t already. Go to the store room and notice that the Head Mover trick is missing. Go to your office, examine your PC, and 'read booking 2'.

Again you will have to add whichever tricks and costumes you like. I don't know if the tricks you select affect anything, but the sword cabinet is probably a good choice as it gives you the opportunity to 'strip' your assistant.

Finally, pick add either Jane or Ilara as your assistant. This choice will affect what happens after the show, and on the following day. Go south to the club.

Thursday (night) – Club K
Perform your show. If Jane is your assistant, but you didn’t pick her for the first show, she won’t be comfortable wearing the beach costume (so if you didn’t bring another costume you’re in trouble). This also means that you won’t be able to strip her during the sword cabinet trick.

If you picked Jane, Marko will approach you after the performance to offer his critique of your performance. Specifically that Jane needs to be showing more flesh, so she should dance at the Pink Flamingo. If you got her to flash the gardener earlier, Jane will be okay with this idea. If not, you have the choice of either refusing or forcing her to do it.

If you picked Ilara, when you leave the club she will invite you out for a drink (which you will presumably accept). Marko will intercept you in order to convince you to pimp out Ilara. Agreeing will open up a brief threesome (with Ilara and Marko).

Refusing Marko's demand will open up the photoshoot on Friday.

If you refuse Marko’s demand the evening will end and you go home and sleep. Go to Friday (early morning) – Ilara’s photoshoot
If you picked Jane and agree to Marko’s demand, go to Thursday (night) – Jane at the Pink Flamingo
If you picked Ilara and agree to Marko’s demand, go to Thursday (night) – Ilara and Marko

Thursday (night) - Ilara and Marko
If you agree to Marko's demands, you will go to his apartment. Marko will immediately take Ilara into his bedroom and start loudly fucking her. As far as I know there is nothing you can do at this point except go to sleep (in the bed to the east).

When you wake up, Marko will be fucking Ilara in the kitchen. Talk to Ilara and then join in if you like (one major action only).
[ Fucked Ilara's mouth while Marko was fucking her. ]
[ Fucked Ilara's ass while Marko fucked her pussy. ]

Go to Friday (mid-morning) – Bachelor party.

Thursday (night) - Jane at the Pink Flamingo
Go north to enter the Pink Flamingo, and then wait a turn or two. Go north to the performance area and talk to Suzi until you’ve exhausted all the options. Then wait for Jane to come on stage.

When Jane comes on stage, have her 'remove tie' to begin her dance. Have her perform a striptease, removing each item of clothing and rubbing her body.

If she’s not comfortable with nudity (i.e. you didn’t pick her for the first show), you will have to warm her up by getting her to rub her legs or stomach first. While she will strip nude, she won't be willing to masturbate.

If she is comfortable with nudity (ie. you went to her house earlier on Thursday), Jane will ultimately be willing to masturbate on stage.
[Encouraged Jane to masturbate in public after stripping. ]

When Jane finishes her first dance, talk to Suzi again.

For Jane’s second dance you have the choice of another striptease, getting her oiled up, or having Suzi join her. The striptease is similar to the first dance. If she uses oil you will have to tell her to rub it on various part of her body. If she dances with Suzi you will be able to tell her to strip and play with her partner.
[ Encouraged Jane to masturbate in public with oil. ]
[ Encouraged Jane's public lesbian finger-fucking by Suzi. ]
[ Set up a lesbian 69. ]

If Jane performs her second dance alone, you will have the opportunity to compliment her dancing afterwards. Do so and she will invite you back to her place. Go to Thursday (night) – Jane’s bedroom.

If Jane performs with Suzi and it goes well, they will disappear backstage. Go northwest and then west to follow them (you could also go to the dressing room to the east and steal all the clothes if you feel so inclined). Go to Thursday (night) – Jane and Suzi.

Thursday (night) – Jane and Suzi
Talk to Suzi and then to Jane. Say yes when you have the opportunity, unless you really want to kill the mood.
[ Buggered Suzi while she and Jane sixty-nined ]
[ Fucked Jane on the floor backstage in a strip club. ]
[ Fucked Jane while she demonstrated her pussy-eating skills on Suzi. ]
[ Fucked Jane's tits while Suzi sat on her face. ]
[ Fucked Suzi from behind to her orgasm. ]
[ Fucked Suzi while she and Jane sixty-nined ]
[ Jane and Suzi shared a Peter cum drink. ]
[ Jane gets finger-fucked as you eat Suzi's pussy. ]
[ Manually pleasured Suzi on the small couch. ]
[ Rimmed Suzi as Jane ate her out. ]
[ Shared Jane's pussy with Suzi. ]
[ Watched Jane and Suzi in mutual masturbation. ]
[ Went down on Suzi on the small couch. ]

When the scene ends you’ll have a new assistant. Go to Friday (early morning) – Your bedroom.

Thursday (night) – Jane’s bedroom
This is a straight sex scene. Note that there is a vibrator in the drawer of her bedside table that you will be able to use on her.
[ Blown by Jane. ]
[ Brought Jane to a manual climax, up against her wall. ]
[ Fucked Jane on the queen-sized timber bed. ]
[ Fucked Jane with a running vibrator in her ass. ]
[ Received a blow job from Jane on the queen-sized timber bed. ]
[ Received a hand-job from Jane. ]
[ Titty-fucked Jane on the queen-sized timber bed. ]
[ Used the silver vibrator on Jane's pussy. ]
[ Used the vibrator and your fingers on Jane's pussy. ]
[ Was manually pleasured by Jane on the queen-sized timber bed. ]
[ Went down on Jane on the queen-sized timber bed. ]
[ Went down on Jane with assistance from an anal dildo ]

Friday (early morning) – Jane’s bedroom
Read Jane’s note. You can explore her house, but as far as I know there is nothing new to find. Go home, and then go to your offices (go to Friday (mid-morning) – Bachelor party).

Friday (early morning) – Your bedroom
If you wait a turn or two, Suzi and Jane will return from shopping. Talk to either of them to discover they’ve bought bikinis and want to go to the beach. Wait for them to get changed (they lock the door unfortunately). You will then leave for the beach.

Go south to the foreshore. There’s a kiosk here that I haven’t worked out the purpose of. Go south again to the seaside. From here you can go either east or west.

Go to the eastern end of the beach and put the towels (from the bag you are carrying) on the ground, and the three of you can catch some rays.

The two boys playing volleyball will eventually lose their ball and sit down near you. Talk to them and you’ll eventually get the opportunity to perform a trick. Put whichever towel you were using on Suzi and perform an Asrah levitation.

When the trick is finished, Suzi will need someone to return her swimsuit. You can ask either the boys or Jane to do it for a short non-interactive scene. Alternatively you can take that job for yourself. If you do, examine the pine to see the two boys watching (otherwise Suzi will be worried about leaving Jane alone with them).
[ Ate Suzi out on the sand for an hidden audience. ]
[ Fucked Suzi doggy-style for a hidden audience. ]
[ Was blown by Suzi for an audience at the beach. ]

If you go swimming at the western end of the beach, the current will carry you further west to a deserted beach.

If you go west from there you will discover a man named Max and a steel table. Talk to Max and discover that he is a photographer who somehow has your missing Head Mover trick. You will eventually agree to help him (unless you just want to leave).

Instead of performing the trick yourself, you will be instructing Jane how to perform it on Suzi. Once the trick is complete it will start raining. Get the table and you will return home. Go to sleep (and then go to Saturday (early morning) – Theatre).

Friday (early morning) – Ilara’s photoshoot
Go to your offices. Ilara will meet you there and ask you to accompany her to a photoshoot. Presumably you agree. When you get there, talk to Max and ask him about Simon. Then 'wait' for Ilara to get changed and talk to Max again. Suggest that you take Simon’s place. You could also suggest a solo shoot, but for me that led to a dead end where I couldn't advance the game. Go behind the screen and wear the black boxers.

Friday (mid-morning) – Ilara’s photoshoot continued
Exit. It's not very obvious which poses will produce a result, but the following worked for me.
ilara, stand up
sit on box
lie on box
remove babydoll
ilara, sit on box
ilara, remove black boxers
remove thong
ilara, lie on box
ilara, stand up
sit on box
lie on box
ilara, sit on box
ilara, lie on box

When you're done you will get a brief non-interactive scene with Ilara, and time shift to the ending in Las Vegas.
[ Fucked Ilara on the bonnet of her car. ]

Go to Vegas baby… Vegas!

Friday (mid-morning) – Bachelor party
Read the note. Go to your office and 'read bachelor party' to find out about your next performance. As usual, select your tricks, costumes, and assistant (although the last doesn't matter). The Mismade cabinet will be automatically added. You should probably add the sword cabinet as well since nudity is required.

When you leave the office you will encounter Susan again. If you saw her at the beach you will have the opportunity to point out that a stripper isn't the same as a slut, and guilt her into being your assistant. Otherwise you will have to appeal to her greed. As far as I know there isn't any way to avoid taking her (other than giving up your career). Go south to the party.

Friday (night) – Bachelor party
Exhaust all the conversation options with Tom. Perform your show as normal (however, note that Susan doesn't know how to prepare any of the tricks). Leave the Mismade cabinet for last, as Michael (the groom) wants to perform it. That basically involves you telling him what to do. When that trick is finished, Susan and Michael will disappear backstage.

'take a bow' to finish the performance, then talk to Tom again. If you want to see Susan, go west twice (if not you can just leave). Close the door behind you and then talk to Susan. If you feel so inclined you can play with her ass and then fuck it.
[ Fucked Susan's ass while Michael was fucking her. ]

Go home and go to sleep. When you wake up there will be a note from Susan saying she enjoyed last night. If Susan knows who Jane is she will also tell her if you fucked her ass, causing Jane to quit. What a bitch. Go to Saturday (early morning) – Theatre.

Saturday (early morning) - Theatre
Go to your offices. A man (Brian) will be waiting there with a job for you. Talk to him until you've exhausted all the options, and then add whichever costumes you like (note that Brian won't like any of the costumes). You will need to add two assistants (either Ilara and Susan, or Jane and Suzi).

If you add the Spiker as one of the tricks, an extra illusion will mysteriously appear when you get to the theatre: the impaler (if you chose Ilara/Susan) or the knifethrowing board (if you chose Jane/Suzi). The scrap book has multiple entries for each of those illusions, although they don't specifically tell you how to perform them.

If you pick both the Mismade cabinet and Ilara, Marko will invite himself onstage in order to perform it with you (see below).

Saturday (night) - Theatre
Talk to Brian again and exhaust all of the options. This performance has the added complication of needing to open the curtains ('push button') and turning on the lights ('close switch') before you can begin.

Susan will refuse to perform certain tricks, including the sword cabinet and the impaler.

If you chose Ilara and the Mismade cabinet, Marko will invite himself onstage to help you perform that trick. Specifically, you perform it on his girlfriend Simone, while he performs it on Ilara. This ultimately gives you the opportunity to suggest all four of you go somewhere more comfortable (go to Saturday (night) - Ilara, Simone and Marko).

Alternatively, you could also go home with Ilara on her own (go to Saturday (night) – Your apartment with Ilara), 

Finally, you can go home with Susan (nothing will happen, but it won’t close off the Jane ending, which the other options will) or on your own (go to Vegas baby… Vegas!).

If Marko doesn't make an appearance, 'take a bow' when you’re finished and the game will time jump to the ending in Las Vegas (go to Vegas baby… Vegas!).

Saturday (night) – Your apartment with Ilara
When you talk to Ilara here she will be unhappy about being pimped out to Marko (this is the case even if Jane was your assistant at Club K, presumably a bug). As long as you say you won't do it again, she will have sex with you. However, if you propose becoming a couple you won't have Jane as an assistant at the end of the game.
[ Ass fucked Ilara on your bed. ]
[ Fucked Ilara on your bed. ]
[ Manually pleasured Ilara on your bed. ]
[ Performed 69 with Ilara. ]
[ Went down on Ilara on your bed. ]
When the scene finishes you will fall asleep and the game will time jump to the ending in Las Vegas (go to Vegas baby… Vegas!).

Saturday (night) - Ilara, Simone and Marko
During the scene, Ilara will eventually look like she wants to talk to you. Talk to her and suggest going outside. Ilara will want you to make a commitment to her, otherwise the scene will end (this will not close off the Jane ending).

If you examine the phone you will notice a card for a pizza delivery place. If you have talked to Ilara, ordering pizza ('call pizza') will lead to the delivery guy becoming involved (ending the scene).

Note that the following is only a partial list:
[ Ate Ilara out while she lay on the table and Marko fucked her mouth. ]
[ Ate out Simone on the glass table while Ilara sucked your cock and Marko fucked Ilara doggy style. ]
[ Ate Simone out against the window while Marko fucked Ilara on the floor. ]
[ Blew your load into Simone's mouth in a blow job competition. ]
[ Buggered Simone bent over on the table while Marko fucked Ilara's ass. ]
[ Encourage Simone and Ilara to sixty-nine on the large glass table. ]
[ Fucked Ilara from behind as she ate out Simone while Marko fucked her chest. ]
[ Fucked Ilara on the floor. ]
[ Fucked Ilara on the glass table while Marko fucked Simone in his arms. ]
[ Fucked Ilara to orgasm on the glass tabletop. ]
[ Fucked Ilara to your orgasm on the glass tabletop. ]
[ Fucked Ilara's ass bent over the glass table. ]
[ Fucked Ilara's pussy while Marko took her ass. ]
[ Fucked Simone and Marko fucked Ilara while they sixty-nined on the floor. ]
[ Fucked Simone while Ilara was fucked to orgasm by Marko. ]
[ Fucked Simone's lovely chest while Marko fucked Ilara's. ]
[ Fucked Simone's tits while Marko fucked Ilara's. ]
[ Got a blow job from Simone as she lay on the glass table, while Marko received one from Ilara. ]
[ Held Simone while Ilara ate both of you out. ]
[ Ilara blew you while Marko fucked her ass. ]
[ Ilara sat on your face while Simone fucked herself on you. ]
[ Received a blow job from Ilara. ]
[ Simultaneously orgasmed with Simone as you fucked her up against the wall. ]
[ Stroked Simone to orgasm on the large glass table. ]
[ Took turns fucking Ilara and Simone's asses. ]
[ Watched as Marko fucked Ilara while he carried her. ]

When the scene finishes you will go home and the game will time jump to the ending in Las Vegas (go to Vegas baby… Vegas!).

Vegas baby… Vegas!
At this point all you can do is look at the various objects, and call your assistant(s) to help you test a new trick. That trick is the final scene of the game, so enjoy it!

Who you have available as an assistant will mainly depend on who you've had an interactive sex scene with.

If your chosen assistant is Ilara, you will be testing your new Buzz Saw trick:
[ Performed Buzz Saw illusion with Ilara. ]
[ Fucked Ilara's face while eating her out as she was strapped onto the buzz saw table. ]
[ Titty-fucked Ilara in the Buzz Saw illusion. ]

If your chosen assistant is Jane, you will be testing your new Spike Cage trick:
[ Brought Jane to orgasm while she was impaled in the spike cage. ]
[ Performed Spike Cage illusion with Jane. ]
[ Fucked Jane on your office desk. ]
[ Fucked Jane’s ass on your office desk. ]

If your chosen assistant is Suzi, you will be testing your new trick with Jane’s help
[ Got a blow job from Jane while you were slicing up Suzi ]

Appendix: Performing magic
It’s generally best to get your assistant to prepare each trick as it brings them on stage (and is therefore mandatory for the appearance illusions). Otherwise you might have to wait a turn for them to arrive.

The end of the show only prevents you from preparing another trick. That means that if you end on a levitation, you can perform an asrah levitation immediately afterwards although there is no obvious benefit to doing so.

[assistant], enter cabinet
close spiker
close spiker
open spiker
[assistant], exit cabinet

[assistant], lie on table
levitate [assistant]
levitate [assistant]
levitate [assistant] (you can go as high as the ceiling will allow)
lower [assistant]
lower [assistant]
lower [assistant]
[assistant], stand

Asrah Levitation
[assistant], lie on table
put cloth on [assistant]
levitate [assistant]
levitate [assistant]
levitate [assistant] (you can go as high as the ceiling will allow)
lower [assistant]
take cloth (note that you have to be two levels above the table for this to work)

open cabinet
[assistant], enter cabinet
close cabinet
insert blade in chest slot
insert blade in waist slot
pull handle
push handle
remove blade
remove blade
open cabinet
[assistant], exit cabinet

Head Mover
open box
[assistant], enter box
close box
insert blade in slot
push box
pull box
remove blade
open box
[assistant], exit

Sword Cabinet (tame)
[assistant], enter cabinet
close collar
close wrist manacles
close ankle manacles
put panel in cabinet
strip [assistant] (optional, but there’s no downside as far as I know)
insert blade in left
insert blade in right
insert blade in belly
insert blade in neck
remove blade
remove blade
remove blade
remove blade
remove panel
open collar
[assistant], exit cabinet

Sword Cabinet (adult)
[assistant], enter cabinet
close collar
close wrist manacles
close ankle manacles
put panel in cabinet
strip [assistant] (optional, but there’s no downside as far as I know)
insert blade in left thigh slot
insert blade in right thigh slot
insert blade in left breast slot
insert blade in right breast slot
insert blade in crotch slot
insert blade in neck slot
remove blade
remove blade
remove blade
remove blade
remove blade
remove blade
remove panel
open collar
[assistant], exit cabinet

Mismade (note that for the bachelor party you will be ordering Michael to perform most of these actions)
open cabinet
[assistant], enter cabinet
close cabinet
insert blade in neck slot
insert blade in waist slot
insert blade in thigh slot
insert blade in knee slot
take head
take chest
take crotch
taker upper leg
take lower leg
[the trick will be complete when you’ve reassembled your assistant in whatever order you choose, e.g. ‘put head on base’, etc. You will then have to reassemble them again in the right order. You can also open individual boxes if you choose.]
remove blade
remove blade
remove blade
remove blade
open cabinet
[assistant], exit cabinet

Teleportation Cylinder
[assistant], prepare cylinder
turn knob to malfunction (this causes your assistant to arrive naked)
press button
open cylinder

Picture into Girl Cabinet
[assistant], prepare black cabinet
put poster into cabinet
close cabinet
open cabinet

put clamp on pole
impale [assistant]
move the spike to [assistant]'s pussy/ass (optional)
impale [assistant]
lift [assistant]

[assistant], enter target
remove red target-girl bikini top (optional)
remove red target-girl bikini bottom (optional)
throw knife at upper left target
throw knife at upper right target
throw knife at center left target
throw knife at center right target
throw knife at lower left target
throw knife at lower right target

If you removed bikini top you can use following instead of center targets:
throw knife at [assistant] left breast
throw knife at [assistant] right breast

If you removed bikini bottom you can use following instead of lower targets:
throw knife at [assistant] belly
throw knife at [assistant] pussy 

Buzz Saw
ilara, lie on table
press button
close wrist straps
close thigh straps
close ankle straps
move saw to end
push button
push button

Spike Cage
jane, lie on cage
close cage
turn wheel
rub pussy
turn wheel
open cage

suzi, enter device
close chest box
close crotch box
close wrist manacles
close ankle manacles
put t-shaped blade in t-shaped slot
put d-shaped blade in chest slot
remove d-shaped blade
remove t-shaped blade
open chest box
open crotch box